Thursday, February 26, 2015

Days 56 and 57

Day 56

     Snow is heading our way so we missed school today.  I am going to forget what my kiddos look like!  I also am going to suffer when I have actually work an entire full week.   Yikes!  I will not deny enjoying this time to create stuff and relax, but I do miss being on a schedule - even if at times it is hectic.  I also did not bring anything home (again) so I may be without the ability to do any school work this weekend if we don't return.  Pity me!
      Adele Bruno has a wonderful string challenge going.  This week we had to use the tangles phroz and fassett.  I had not spent much time with these but discovered they were a lot of fun.

Day 57

     Yes indeed we did get snow!  Lots of snow!  So here I am at home yet again, but this time the ground is a gorgeous white.  We had snow cream late last night - yum!  I hadn't made that in years.  Today we went out and played in the snow with Lakota.  He loves this almost as much as we do.  We threw snowballs and he caught them.  Then we had to throw his beat up football and the Frisbee so he could chase them down. 

     While inside I did finish up a tile I started yesterday.  This - eeks! - wasn't for a challenge, just for fun. 
     Oh, before I forget it!   Guess who won the essential oils package that Erin Olsen over at the Bright Owl was giving away???  Yep, me!!  That was a cool surprise this morning!  Thank you, Erin!
     Thank you for dropping by and I hope you have a blessed day.


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