Sunday, March 1, 2015

Days 58, 59 and 60

Day 58

      Another snow day today!  I am going to be totally spoiled and have a rough time getting back into the routine come Monday morning!  And it has been fun.  I spent the entire day working on my Journal52 page for this week.  The prompt was "restraint".  We had to first choose one basic shape - I chose a circle.  Then we needed to choose one color - blue for me.  This was so relaxing and fun.  I do an activity like this with my kiddos at school and often will join in and work with them.  It was peaceful to just have only one color to work with (black and white don't count as colors here).  I also added some tangles around to make it more interesting.

Day 59

      For the Square One challenge (Facebook), we needed to use the tangle SeZ.  This wasn't a new tangle to me, but it is one I rarely use.  I also had time today to play around with another tile.  For this tile I used's string 001. 

Day 60

      Really?? Day 60!!  I haven't missed one day - yet.  I know it is coming but so far so good.  Today I worked on my inchie for Every Inchie Monday's prompt of "love".  My first thought was the quote by Charles Schulz, "love is a warm puppy".  I really wanted a picture of Lakota, but couldn't find one that tiny.
     I - finally - got ink for my other printer so now I can print out the templates for Ben Kwok's Ornation Creation group (Facebook).  I won't be trying to complete one of these a week, but they will be fun to pull out and add things to along.  The ice cream cone really took me several days on and off, but since I finished it today, I am counting it as part of today's challenge.
     Thank you for dropping by!  I also want to welcome the new people who have started following my blog - I really appreciate your time and comments.  Now I will go and spend the rest of my day working on things I want to since I again left all my things at school.   My brother says it is planned, now how could I know it would snow??!  However . . . 


  1. I've enjoyed the variety of expression in your 60 days of creativity.

  2. I love the blue circles, blue is my favorite color! I love the look of the circles, I love the theme of the inchie, great way to go on the theme. The ice cream cone? MAJOR AWESOME! So much work! I love it!

  3. I think your and my weaknesses are obvious through our inchies. Love the zenicecream!

  4. Wonderful artwork and the puppy love inchie is adorable

    Love Chrissie x

  5. Fabulous work, love all of them, especially the ice cream.

  6. Very nice tiles! I like the blue one with all the circles on it!
    And your inchie is so cute withe the little puppy - love it :-)

  7. What a cute puppy! He has to be loved.

  8. lovely artwork. Love the warm puppy inchie. so true.

  9. Wonderful pieces. I especially like the love and puppies that certainly go together, and that ice cream cone. I haven't even looked at his pieces in ages, as time just gets the best of me, but I think I will pop over and grab it. Yours inspires me!


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