Sunday, March 29, 2015

Days 86 - 88 and some extras

      Oh the wonderful spring weather that has happened for my spring break!  Granted, it is a bit colder than it probably needs to be, but still the sun is shining and it is so lovely outside.  I have shaken the stomach nightmare - unfortunately, being a very "sharing" sister, I shook it right onto my brother.  Yikes!

Day 86

     I worked on my challenge piece for Adele Bruno's Tickled to Tangle.  This was sort of a tough one because it had tangles that I had trouble getting to work together.  We had to use kelp, printemps and mumsy. 

Day 87

     Today I worked on using the tangle "squid" for Square One.  I haven't really played with this one so much.  However once I started it turned into the only tangle I used.  I had a lot of fun with this one.
     I also worked on one of my journal pages for Journal52.  I had gotten behind and really want to try to keep up this year (of course, I won't, but I still want to try).  This week's prompt was "spring cleaning".   Not really how I want to spend my break.  So I decided to take a more comic approach. 

Day 88

      One more journal prompt and my inchie.  The inchie word was "oak".  I guess this turned out okay, but it is not my most imaginative piece. 
     The journal prompt was from a couple of weeks ago.  The prompt was "Inspiration Board".  I decided to collage what inspires my work - or at least some of it.  I am not really much of a collage artist.  I enjoy the look, but always feel I miss the spontaneity of a good collage.  Either way, it does cover a lot of what makes me want to create.
     I hope you are having a wonderful day!  I guess my creative time is over or at least that is what the look Lakota is giving me is saying.  I think I see some football in my future . . . Thanks for dropping by and sharing your comments! 


  1. I love the dainty looking flowers and the spring cleaning lady made me laugh. Your ability is awesome! I like the inchie as well great work!

  2. great artwork all around. Love the cleaning one - I so agree. Your inchie is very nice - love the gold tree in the background

  3. Love the squid tangle, the oak is great & I really like the spring clean journal page.


  4. Fabulous works, but I must say I love that "cleaning" page LOL!

  5. Wonderful works of art and a very beautiful inchie

    Love Chrissie x

  6. Your inchie is great, the oak looks like it is growing out of the acorn. Your prompt pages are great. The spring cleaning hits the nail on the head and the inspiration board is very pretty.

  7. Cathy, I'm with you on the spring cleaning thing. I spent a couple days on vacay with a lounge chair, frosty beverages and far from the chores. I felt guilty...not one bit! I like your squid tile. Have a brilliant day! c

  8. Lots of wonderful work! I like your golden acorn and oak inchie. I feel the same way about spring cleaning!


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