Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Stormy weather

     I do not like storms.  I am fearful of them even though I try very hard to be brave.  I am not.  They (the weather people) are saying that there is a very good likelihood we will have severe storms in our area this evening and tonight.  My stomach has already knotted up.  Since I won't finish this post til tomorrow, I will let you know how it went.  Hopefully nothing to report!
     Joey's challenge was to use the tangle coil.  I like this one a lot and need to remember to use it more.  That is one of the things I like about challenges, they remind me of tangles I had once used and put on the shelf.  Thought I would play with the hollibaugh effect with this tangle.  The center tangle is krokus.

     My heart has been filled with a lot of sadness this week.  You may have possibly heard that Tripp Halstead passed away.  He was a little boy who captured the hearts of thousands when a tree limb fell on him at his daycare.  I followed the family on FB and became quite attached to them.  I had prayed so hard he would make at least a semi recovery.  But five years after the accident he simply could not battle any longer.  I feel so sorry for that precious family.  I feel as though I know them even though I don't really.
      Every Inchie Monday's country this week was Russia.  My first thought were those gorgeous onion dome buildings!  I love them. I had my inchie all done and realized that I had the colors of the flag in the wrong order - arghh!  So I had to redo the whole thing.  I should pay more attention.

      Diva's challenge was to use our name as a string.  I have recently fallen in love with the tangle feathering so I decided to fill this tile with feathers.  I love the flowing and ease of this tangle.  It definitely defines zen to me.

       Weather update:  We had one slight storm, but nothing else.  No high winds or hail!  No tornados!  There were some areas around us that had some major problems, but we were blessed!  I am so thankful.
      Some days getting on my bike is hard work.  Today was not one of them.  I finished my Road to Hana race - 59.5 miles!!  I hopefully will get my shirt and medal this week!  Now I am off to the California Redwood forest for a journey through the woods!
      My coloring book focus this past week was from Beautiful Flowers and Arrangements by Creative Haven.   I was able to do quite a few because they are really quite simple.  Very relaxing and fun.  Hope you don't mind if I share this past week's work.

      Thank you for dropping by and leaving me some sunshine.  Have a great week!  Hugs!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Brand New Tangle!

    I was roaming around on Pinterest (I spend too much time there, but that is another story) and found this really cool pattern.  So I started playing around with it and ta! da!  I have a new tangle.  At least I think it is.  If I have accidently copied someone else's tangle, please let me know.  You saw this last least week on one of my tiles.  Remember I asked for a name suggestion?  Well I really liked the suggestion of "Two Wise".  Think about the way it sounds - "two y's".  Isn't that cool?  Thank you Joyce!  I worked out the step out, though it is fairly simple.  I also discovered you can play with lots of variations with this one.  Have some fun  with this one!

     The inchie word / country was Samoa.  My first thought was to hunt out a Girl Scout so she could help with a few boxes of inspiration.  Decided against that and went with a more diabetic friendly option of Google.   Wasn't as much fun though.  This country is gorgeous! I loved the blues of the water and the lush greenery.  My inchie doesn't really capture that too well so you need to look this place up!

     Diva's Challenge was to use one of my absolute favorite tangles - verve.  I use this one very frequently and I love it. 

     Joey's Challenge was another string to copy.  She had a really pretty ribbon in the left upper corner and some pokeleaf in the bottom right.  I added some mooka flowers and a toodle flower.

     My new coloring book from Color It came this past week.  I love their books because of the spiral binding at the top and the quality of the paper.  Here are the two I did this past week.

     My new stationary bike came this past week also.  I love it!  I am now able to do a bit more toward my challenge each day and that is super.  It is a bit hard on the uh, . . .  seat.  I need to figure out how to help that out!
     Take care and thanks for leaving me some sunshine!  Hugs!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A Bit of Sunshine

      Good day!  I hope you are having a wonderful week.  I have had a good one.  It's been really hard to do what little walking I usually do.  We have had some sunshine but it is back to cloudy today and they even say the mountains are going to have some flurries.  I really wanted some snow, but now that the flowers are blooming and looking so pretty, I hate to see that.
     I have a new adventure!  There is an organization called Send A Smile 4 Kids.  They collect homemade cards to send to children's hospitals.  These cards can be used for the children to send to people or for caretakers to give to the children.  SAS4KIds is going to be a lot of fun to be involved with and I promise to tell you more as I get information.  I am so excited to have an outlet for my card making.  I also get to be the volunteer for our area and collect cards and deliver them to the hospital.  Exciting!
     Diva's challenge was to use the tangle siri.  She chose to use a lot of blue in her tile to honor her mom's birthday.  I decided to stick with the color and add a bit of purple (because that is my very favorite color).  I also used a tangle of mine for the border on the top and left.  I haven't figured out a name for it yet.  Any suggestions?

     I am so glad there is the saying "there are no mistakes in zentangle" because I set out to prove that wrong with Joey's challenge.  She gave us a perfectly lovely string to use and a very nice unnamed tangle.  For starters I struggled with the tangle.  Then I had an idea about making it a beach scene.  the crescent moon that was to be the hills just didn't have that effect.  Moving on I hoped arukas would work for some sunshine.  It might have if I could do it correctly!  Despite it all, I do like the tile, but it certainly has more than a few mistakes!

     The inchie this week was for one of my most favorite places - Australia.  I have never been there, but I really would love to visit!  When I taught - in the years before the curriculum became so rigid - I did an around the world theme.  It lasted all year and we "spent" several weeks on each continent or in various countries.  We read stories from there.  Ate foods and sang songs.  All our math and spelling and language was tied to where we were studying.  It was delightful!  Australia was always one of the children's favorites because of all the wonderful creatures from there.  Anyway (I digress) my inchie has the Sydney Opera House and a graphic style kangaroo.

     Now off to work on a coloring page.  There is a contest and if mine is chosen I could win $100 gift card.  Don't think I would turn that down, lol!!
     Hope you have an awesome week and stay safe!  Hugs!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Penstrokes Tuesday

     Is it only Tuesday?  It has been an eventful week so far.  Nothing major, just busy than my normal laze about.  I was out at the doctor's yesterday (just a follow up and all is fine), then I came home and worked on challenges. 
     Every Inchie Monday's country/word was Turkey.  I decided on a Turkish looking outfit, and of course the flag.  I am displaying the inchies this year on a chart where they look like stamps.  Sort of cool.
     Diva's Challenge #353 was to make a heart zendala.  I love heart shaped tangles.  I chose to use a slight tangleation of Valentiney.  That is a fun tangle to play with.  Then it just really needed some glitter so I used gel pens to color it!
        We are doing a series of "finish my string" over at Joey's Inspiration.  This week we had to use a string done with the tangle Andromeda.  I had been wanting to play with b'twined so I made a fence for the Andromeda to hang over, plus I added some mist!
     Using Melinda Barlow (and her awesome videos) as inspiration I have been tangling some quotes.  I think I shall buy some mats and fix them up to sell.  Or just do them for fun - who knows?  Anyone have any quotes to suggest? 

     I hope you are having a wonderful week.  Thanks for dropping by!  Hugs!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Happy Tuesday!

Hello!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!  I am.  The rain has finally stopped - at least for a while.  They are even saying we may reach the 70's for a few days.  Odd for February.  I really prefer seasonable weather.  I will take cold now, mild springs and hot summers. Oh well.
     Every Inchie Monday's word was Cuba.  I really don't know much about this country, but in googling it I learned it is a very beautiful county.  The houses are colorful and the beaches are gorgeous!  I chose to focus on the beach. 

      Joey has given us a "finish my string" challenge full of ribbons.  I had a lot of fun with this one and got to try some newer tangles for me in the process.  I used a purple prisma and some gamsol blender to add some color to my tile.  I used several tangles in this piece -  hibred, diamante, danzer, brace-s, diva dance, nzeppel, emingle, d'eneh, and boomerang.

      Diva's challenge #352 was to use a nested heart string.  I drew my string and started with a new tangle (to me) called cindyer.  Totally messed up.  It is in my sketch book on the back of another piece so what do I do???  Black marker to the rescue!  I covered the outside heart with black.  Then tried the tangle again - more carefully - on the other side.  Since I wanted balance I used black and red to make more bold stripes.  Actually I like it and am sort of glad the option of throwing it away was impossible.  Thus proving there are truly NO mistakes in zentangle (at least none a little ol' black marker won't hide!).

     This past week I have been working in Color It's book Dogs, Man's Best Friend.  I sort of chose a "focus" book for the week.  Or so it seems.  Here are the ones I have finished this past week.

      I am keeping up with my walking.  Right now it is in place or around the house, but it is movement and that is more than I was doing.  I try to get at least a mile every day.  I wish I could do more.  Maybe one day I will. 
     Take care and thanks for dropping by!  I hope you have a wonderful week! 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Rainy week!

    I am so thankful I have no where really important to go this week as it is going to be a really rainy week.  They are saying possible flash floods.  Thankfully we live in a spot that does not flood, though our back yard is a standing pond right now.  Lakota loves it - not.
     I am moving ahead with my Hawaii race.  I usually can do about a mile a day in very short increments.  Not much but way more than I had been doing.  Here is the pic of my shirt and medal as promised!  Aren't they gorgeous?

     This week's inchie country was Romania.  I really know very little about this country, but enjoyed looking at all the Google pictures.  I immediately thought of Dracula's castle.  So my inchie has the flag, a castle and a little bat!

     Joey's challenge was to use string #150 and the tangle Eddyper.  I really love this tangle.   It looks just like rolled up paper.  Check out all the other entries at Joey's site.

     Diva's challenge was all about the Olympics - "Heart of a Champion" and hearts!  so I drew 5 hearts, colored them like the rings and tangled in and around them.  I used 5c Aura (yellow), betweed (blue), crescent moon (black), double core (green), and paradox (red).  Around the outside there is a very modified version o Decoloop Echo. 

     Here are my latest two coloring sheets for the past week.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

     I hope you all have a wonderful week and stay healthy!  Hugs!


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

I. Did. It.

       Seriously.  I did.  I finished my virtual race.  I was hoping the pictures of my t-shirt and medal would be ready today, but I will have to post them next time.  They should come in the mail tomorrow.  I signed up for my second race - The Road to Hana.  A virtual trip around the coast of Hawaii's Hana Road.  It is 59.5 miles!  I probably will be forever finishing this one, but what is the rush?  Anyone interested in doing this go over to Yes Fit.  It is a lot of fun.
     This week's inchie was Zimbabwe.  I know next to nothing about this country.  I discovered they some of the world's most beautiful falls and of course, there is the African wildlife! I chose the flag (I sort of have a pattern going with those for now at least) and one of my favorite animals - the elephant.
       Joey's Creative Inspiration had a great challenge - use string #91 and the tangle knightsbridge.  I decided to use a mix of knightsbridge and emingle.   I like to try different grid tangles within knightsbridge.  Otherwise it is not a tangle I often use.
      This week's challenge at Casa Diva's was to use a heart string and the tangle rimana.  This was a lot of fun. 
       I took to pinterest again this past week for some more color palette ideas.  That is a lot of fun to do.  It makes coloring a design very quick and relaxing.  Here are my "color palettes kitties".

     Now I think I shall go and do some scrapbooking for a bit.  I went through the hassle this past week of cleaning my craft corner.  Well.  Sort of cleaning.  Reorganizing.  I now can get to my cricut stuff without a MAJOR moving of other items.  That has made it very nice.  Ideally I would love a craft room and one of those super sweet pieces of furniture - the scrapbox 3.0 - but in a house this small, that is not going to happen.  So I reorganized! 
     Hope you all have a wonderful week and stay healthy!  I am perfectly happy to have avoided this nasty flu going around!  Hugs!