Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Wednesday swaps and challenges

    Our lovely fall weather continues!  I love the feel of fall in the air.  Actually I love most seasons and the changes they bring.  Summer and the heat is my least favorite, bur even so for awhile that is nice.
    I have lots to share today.  I am doing two Inktober challenges, my regular weekly challenges and several swaps - which are loads of fun! 
Every Inchie Monday - Argentina

Diva challenge - Dewd

Line Weaving Weekend challenge - Fall Colors

One of my swap items with Joyce Bruns

Cabbit swap with Lisa Bierema

Mojo challenge - bwiya, leaf pod, and arkles

Second installment of Inktober for Tangle All Around

Second installment of Inktober for Pattern Collections
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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Some Inktober challenges and a few others

     Our weather may change this week.  It hopefully will actually hit some fall-type weather, cool and pleasant.  At least we are hoping.  It is after all October.  Shouldn't I have to try to find a sweater? 
     I am participating in two Inktober challenges.  Why did I decide on two?  They both looked like fun so I couldn't resist.  That plus challenges and swaps . . .  busy art time!  Oh well.  It is fun.  Here are the two Inktober pages.  I will post the next pages next week.  I am using a journal and not scanning the tiles til the page is complete.

      Now here are some other challenges for the past week.  I love doing them.  They keep me focused and make me try some new tangles. 
Line Weaver's Pumpkin Patch challenge

Line Weaver's Mojo challenge

Diva challenge #371

Fall coloring page, Colorful Seasons book

Every Inchie Monday, Spain

      Thank you for dropping by and saying hello!  I appreciate your comments very much.  They connect me to a larger art community.  I think I shall take some time and work on some pieces I need to complete for some swaps I am doing.  Bye!  Hugs!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Just tired, that's all.

    Ever have one of those days (weeks, months, etc.) where you are just plain tired.  The last few weeks with the worry about Lakota has kept me so worn out.  My legs are aching again and I toss and turn at night.  Okay, whining is over.  Sorry.
      On Lakota, he is doing better.  Not great yet, but better.  Each day is different.  Sometimes he seems so "normal" and other times he seems so worn out himself.  His appetite comes and goes, mostly good though.  His eyes are doing a lot of draining.  Normally we would give him a benedryl - he has always suffered from allergies.  But the vet said he probably should not have one right now.  So he has to endure.
       I have lots of stuff to post.  I have been working on them for several days, but didn't seem to get around to scanning them.  So without further ado, here we go!
Every Inchie Monday - Taiwan
Line Weaving challenge - patterned quote

Radial Symmetry practice

Radial Symmetry practice
Mojo challenge

Diva challenge #370
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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Rain, rain, go away . . .

     Compared to a lot of areas we are having very little rain.  However, it has been pretty hard and steady for the last two days.  While I don't have any reason to be out, it makes letting Lakota out very difficult.  He does not like to get wet.  He also because of having been sick takes a very long time.  So I will be glad to have some dry weather. 
      Speaking of Lakota, he is SO much better.  His appetite is good.  He seems well on the road to recovery.  But he is an older dog and he was very sick, so Ray and I are overly jumpy.  I do feel like I can relax a bit. 
       Lots of art work this week.  I got several coloring pages finished.  I also did several tangled pieces.  Here you go - my last week's "work".
Every Inchie Monday - Canada
Line Weaving Weekend challenge - Using dangles
Diva challenge #369 - Orb-tastic

Mojo challenge
I hope you are having a wonderful (and not so wet) a week!  Thank you for dropping by and hopefully leaving me some sunshine! 

Monday, September 17, 2018


      These past few days have been an emotional roller coaster.  I have at times tried to draw, but couldn't function.  Then I would try again later to help soothe my mind.  Lakota, my furbaby, got sick last Friday.  It was super sudden and we had no idea what happened.  He could hardly hold himself up he was so weak.  The next day, we saw some progress.  He was moving around more but would get tired quickly.  Each day he was better.  I don't think we are out of the woods yet, but we have prayed so hard for healing for him.  He is eating, drinking water and moving around much more easily.  All things we are viewing as miracles. 
      My system does not handle stress well.  (well, whose does?)  So to top it off last night I got sick with a major stomach issue.  Great.  Today I feel very drained.  It is all I can do to sit here and play around half heartedly with my art stuff. 
      The inchie word was Malta.  I don't really know much about that place, but after looking at the google images I would love to visit and learn more.  What a beautiful place! The water is amazingly clear and blue.  I could see myself being on a beach there for a spell!

      The Line Weaving weekend challenge was hard and I am still not too sure about it.  I started a "gazillion" times.  We were to look at Joanne Fink's Dangle letters and use that for inspiration.  Her style is so loose and flowing.  It has a real delicateness too it.  I simply cannot produce that unplanned look.  My lines look so rigid!  Aggravation!  My "L" is for Lakota.

      Diva's challenge was to use "straight lines".  So I used one of my favorite tangles - maryhill.  I also used the tangle m-lines and then just some straight lines to finish up.  Lines are nice to sit and draw when you don't really want to concentrate too hard.  They provide a mental break for me and I need that.

       And lastly a couple of coloring pictures for fall. 
          I am tired right now but going to bed won't help.  I am not sleeping so very well.  I don't usually anyway and this just adds to the reasons I am awake.  Thanks for dropping by and I hope you are having a very blessed day.  Keep me and Lakota in your thoughts, please.  Hugs!!  

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


    When asked to do a "ghost word"  picture for the Line Weaving challenge, I knew right away what word I wanted to use - blessed.  That word best describes how I feel right now.  There are of course things I would change in my life, but when you look at what I have - well, it is pretty abundant.  I'm not talking things, though my needs (and quite a few of those wants) are met.  But it is just life in general.  I have always wanted time to do my art stuff and now I have that.  I miss my kids at school some, but this time is such a blessing to me.  I have lots of aches and pains but I am trying to get to a healthier state.  Exercise, changing my diet, lots of focus on my devotional life.  Yes, that's the word that I chose for me right now.  The challenge itself took nearly all day!  I searched every flower tangle I could find to make sure I used some "good" ones. 

      Last Christmas I got 4 coloring books by Creative Haven, one for each season.  I have been coloring in them from time to time, but saving the season for the one we are in.  So, we are pretty close to fall, right?   These next two pics come from the Autumn Scenes book.   I know it's a bit early, but I love this season and few extra days won't hurt.  Besides I can dream it is cool.

      New Zealand is our inchie word.  I think I could live there.  I have always been fascinated by the beauty of that place.  I chose to do the two types of kiwi.  First there is a kiwi bird (draped in the flag) and then one of my favorites - the edible kiwi.  That is sooooo yummy.  I wish I had one right now to eat.

     Diva's challenge was to use the tangle nzeppel.  This is one of my absolute favorites.  It is just fun!  My monotangle uses both nzeppel and crazy nzeppel.  Love them both!

        Now off to . . .  well, I am not sure.  Perhaps color or draw or whatever.  Have a wonderful day and hopefully stay clear of the path of the hurricane that threatens the eastern US shores.  Hugs and blessings.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A few more challenges

      Diva's challenges are back!!  Yahoo!   I am so glad she had a restful and productive break, but I am also very glad she has returned to the challenge scene.  I missed her.  Now if Joey would just return (hint, hint).  Diva's challenge was to get "back to basics".  Four basic tangles, black and white, and string on a 3.5 tile.  Pretty basic.  I enjoyed this one though. 
     And then there was the Line Weaving Community Mojo challenge.  The three tangles we were given were ones I had not used much before.  Curl V2 almost disappears with my colors, but I really like the color on the other two.  Reminds me of an afghan, lol.
      Now to chill for awhile and do some coloring.  I just got off the bike and it was somewhat hard today.  I bike Monday through Friday and then take the weekends off.  You would think Monday would be the hardest day, but it is not.  Wednesdays are for some reason.  Either way I am chillin' now!
     Thanks for dropping by and I hope you are having a wonderful day!  Hugs and blessings!