Thursday, January 10, 2019

Welcome 2019!!

    Well, in all honesty I don't really feel like "welcoming" 2019, it just sounded good.  I do hope this year is a good one for everyone.  We are to another inchie year.  This year's theme is National Days that fall on Mondays. Interesting. The first inchie was for Thank Goodness It's Monday (said no teacher ever I am sure).  My inchie is more or less a copy of the one on the site.  Not original, but all I had in my mind right now. I will get more creative.  I hope.
   Diva's challenge was a circle or button.  I enjoy doing those.  They are fun and rather relaxing - like  a mandala.
    This other piece was just something I was playing around with while watching a video.  I do a lot of video watching.  Puts some noise in the house.
     And lastly, a couple of coloring pages from some of my new books. 

   It has been a very long and rough day, but I thought I would get my post up.  Take care and have a nice evening.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas!

   I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday.  This one is definitely different than I envisioned it.  I am . . . surviving.  It will be hard but that is expected.  It is incredibly lonely since I have no close family to visit with (except by phone).  But overall I am okay.  I have found a lot of strength in prayer and reading. 
     This week's inchie was Sweden.  Mine is rather simple but here goes.  I also am sharing my year's inchie work.  I like how it looks with all the flags.  I wish I had started out with flags, but I only missed one.

    Rambling through some old scrapbooks I found these pictures.  Thought I would share.  The first is one taken in 1959 for our family Christmas cards.  The second one I just one I found, I am not sure when it was taken. 

   Have a wonderful week and thank you for dropping by!  Hugs!

Monday, December 17, 2018

Poland Inchie

    This year's inchies are almost over.  Seems hard to believe.  This week the country was Poland.  I decided to use the national flower - the corn poppy.  Poppies are such gorgeous flowers.
     I hope everyone is having a great week.  Mine seems a bit like a roller coaster.  Up and down. Sometimes within a few moments time span.  I have tried everything to fight off the "tidal waves"  but they just come.  Thanks for dropping by and have a blessed day.  Hugs.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Brrrrrr . . .

   Winter has arrived.  Only very typically of here we do not get pretty white snow, we get rain.  And then some more rain.  And when that is over, more rain.  I don't want mountains of snow like my homestate of NC, but I do wish for just a tiny bit. 
     The inchie this week was Montenegro.  I know nothing about that place.  I did look it up and decided on an icon that I saw that was interesting.  It looks like a pretty place.
  Diva's challenge was to do something festive for the holidays!  I saw something similar to this online and thought I would change it up a bit and use this.  Would make a nice card front if I had gotten cards done.  I bought new Christmas paper and cut outs and  everything for cards this year and then . . . well, I just haven't felt up to it.  Maybe next year.
  And lastly a coloring page I have been working on for a bit. 
     Thank you for dropping by and lots of thanks for all the kind words on my last post.  My days are long right now.  I have good moments and not so good moments.  But I guess that will be the case for quite a while.  I am glad I have my art to entertain me.  It helps.  Hugs!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

I did it.

    Scanning my art work and being able to display it means a lot to me - obviously.  Ray usually scans it on the big computer (I call it his computer but it really is both of ours).  Then he emails it to me - all the way across the room, lol - to my laptop.  I tried all morning to figure out how to scan my work.  No luck.  So I went to trying it on my laptop.  The program isn't as filled with perks, but hey, I did it.  I can at least put my work up until I can conquer the other one. 
      Two inchies from me this week - Cyprus and Chile.  It is hard to believe the inchies for this year is almost over.  Wow.


      Diva's tile was to use the tangle 123 O'Leary.  I decided to do it in blue and add a word that has been heavy on my mind this week.  I may gift this card to someone who has helped me a lot.

      The last is a coloring page I did weeks ago.  I just never got it scanned. 

      The days are good and bad.  Slow and quiet.  Lonely.  But I am going to survive this.  I have a lot of faith and I trust in Jesus.  Thank you for dropping by and leaving me some much needed sunshine.  Hugs.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

No art this week

    Here I sit.  Just me.  No art.  I cannot create anything right now.  I can barely function.  This past Saturday night, I lost . . . my world.  My brother died suddenly.  I have been in an up and down state and just adrift.  I am sure I will get back to drawing and coloring.  I will need that release.  That peace.  I will have to figure out how to use the scanning software so I can continue to share - as he did that for me.  But I will.  Bear with me for a while.  I need to continue to write here.  I will try not to over burden with gloom, but I do need to write.  I just need prayers right now.  Please hug those close to you until they yell for you to stop because you never know.  You just never know.  Hugs.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

      At least to those of us in the U.S.   To the rest of my friends, just have a wonderful blessed day.  While it is just Ray and I (and of course, Lakota), we still have a rather good sized meal for Thanksgiving.  The plan in doing a larger meal is leftovers!  It means I don't have to cook for a few days at least.  I enjoy that.  Plus there are things we simply must have that remind us of our childhood dinners at our grandparents.  For me, cranberry relish salad.  For Ray, deviled eggs.  I have started a bit of meal prep today so I don't have much to do tomorrow.  I also got my Christmas tree up today!  It is so pretty.  I love this season.
     The inchie country was Denmark.  That is such a beautiful place (at least according to photos).  I chose a Viking ship and the flag.  Simple but I like it.
       Diva's challenge was to use fengle and pokeroot.  Again a rather simple drawing but it uses the two tangles.  I love fengle.  It has always been one of my favorites. 
     And last some of the past week's coloring.  I have a few more drawing challenges to work on, but they are not done . . . yet.  Perhaps as I chill from my meal tomorrow. 

     Now I must go work on a few Christmas cards.  Please have a wonderful day and I hope you find it full of blessings!  Hugs!