Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday

    I usually try to post on Tuesdays, but yesterday I was busy.  In the morning I went to my first retired educators meeting.  While not necessarily thrilling, it was interesting.  I enjoyed seeing some old friends I had lost touch with and it was a chance to get out.  The highlight of my day was the afternoon.  I went back to the school where I taught and spent the afternoon visiting.  Oh that was delightful!  I got to hug and and be hugged (attacked is really a better word) by my kids from last year.  They are all so precious to me.  Then I wandered the hall way and visited with lots of old friends.  There are so many new faces it was hard to keep up with who they were.  I thought perhaps after all my anxiety about leaving that returning to visit would kick all of that back up.  Not so.  Today is a wonderful Wednesday and here I sit chilling and talking to you and making plans to draw later.  My day, how I want it.  Yes, it is a wonderful Wednesday!!
     Every Inchie's word is trout this week.  My brother suggested just doing a bottle of tartar sauce since that is how he would like to see some trout.  I went with the more "alive" version. 
     Space number six for the Joey's Inspiration Challenge!  I can't wait to see this one finished. 

     Here are just a few more things I worked on this past week - a coloring page and a couple of pages in my tangle sketchbook.
     I plan to work a bit this afternoon on my future coloring book.  It seems from all I have read that I now need to take all my drawings into a computer program, probably Inkscape, and "clean them up".  I have no idea what I am doing.  I hope it becomes obvious when I actually start, if not I am totally lost, lol!  I will let you know how it goes. 
     Thanks for dropping by and I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Joy in the Morning

      Many years ago I read a book by the title of Joy in the Morning.  I don't remember much about it now except the title.  Of course that title has lots of meanings beyond this book.  For me this morning it means the wind, and most of the rain, have gone.  We have no limbs down and we never lost power.  Considering the slightest wind can scare me, I feel very blessed it never got very harsh last night.  My heart goes out to all of those who dealt with so much more - losses and relocations.  My prayers have been with them (and perhaps you if you were in the storms or fires).  But to me this morning looking out at the wet, there is a bit of joy in this morning.
      A starfish for Every Inchie Monday!  My favorite color and a few glittery gel pen dots and he is happy to wave at you!
      Diva's challenge was to use squares.  Since I lean toward grid based tangles this wasn't difficult!  I think I must like their order and control.  Mmmmmm . . . what does that say about me?  Not too sure.

      Joey's challenge is so much fun!!  The hard part for me is waiting for the next tangle assignment.  I want to keep going and finish this piece! I try to make sure the current piece links well to the surrounding tiles - not always easy.  Four more weeks and I can see this product in completion.
      The last piece is one I take no credit for at all.  In fact it is totally a copy of one brilliant piece done by Lynn Shelton Mead over at A Tangler's Mind.  She gives step by step directions for her awesome piece and explains her thinking for connecting the 3 tangles.  I was mesmerized so I had to try it.  But understand, if you want to see a much better example check out her site!
      Now on to something else!  Have a wonderful week and I hope you and all your loved ones and belongings are safe - God bless!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hermit Crabs and other Challenges!

      I love hermit crabs.  They are one of my favorite animals.  I have always been fascinated by their behavior.  Okay, now I don't want to start any heated discussions, but I know that it is advised (strongly) against keeping them as pets - cruel, bad for the environment, etc.  I get that.  Honestly.  Over the years I have had many, many of these adorable pets.  At one time I had a huge 20 gallon tank set up with sand, water, and climbing items.  I fed them crab food plus fruits and veggies.  I took them out once a week and misted them to prevent their drying out.   All of that is said in my defense of being a good crab owner.  One of my crabs was as big as a man's fist!  He was quite a thing to watch lumbering about.  Just taking the time to draw one made me think how nice it would be to have some more - you need more than one because they are quite social!  Also did you know that late at night they make these delightful "chittering" sounds?  Yep.  I do think ANY animal kept wrong is cruel.  But I did my research and hopefully gave them a good home for the years I kept them.  Anyway, here is my inchie.
      Loving this 9 tile Joey challenge!!  I am trying to pull a little from the tiles they connect to each week.  It is a challenge for me not to add even a little on the next week's tile. 
      A zendala for the FB journal challenge.  I love coloring or drawing mandalas.  They are so peaceful to do.
      And last a page from my newest coloring book.  I tried to stay with the warm color palette.  This one was nice because I did not have to worry about realism!  Just color!
       And now, off to . . . I am not sure what!  Whatever I want I guess.  I bought a vegetable spiralizer this week and I need to figure out how it works.  My plan is to spiralize (is that not a word?) zucchini to use as a replacement for pasta - an effort to help with the carbs.  We shall see.  My brother is looking at me somewhat skeptically.  He could be right1
      Thanks for dropping by!  By the way, if you left me a message about a swap, I need more info to contact you!  Hope you read this!  See you all!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Thank you, really.

     Several years ago when I jokingly said I had a blog and I liked to write on it, I had no idea what it would come to mean to me.  The artistic support is wonderful.  I feel like I am part of such a talented community and sometimes that is overwhelming.  But beyond the creative support is the friendship and caring I have been a part of.  Thank you for all the comments about my cataract.  I am in the process of figuring out which doctor to see and honestly can say I do not feel as anxious.  Every one I talked to and read comments from said this is no big deal and guess what??  I am finally starting to believe it!!   I will keep you updated!
    I have a lot of art work to post this week.  I let it sort of stack up and then go "blog-crazy".  So sit back and relax, here we go!
    Love my inchies!  This week's word is jellyfish and just so happens a new tangle appeared called zenjellies.  I used the tangle and embellished it with some color.
      Joey's nine tile challenge is so much fun!  I am having a hard time waiting each week for the new tangle.  Can't wait to see it finished.  You know I have it pretty bad if my first thought Monday morning was "guess what, it is time for Joey's challenge"!!  (Well, it certainly beats my Monday morning pre-retirement thoughts, lol!)

     Here is a page from a sketchbook challenge over at FB.  Zendalas are so much fun to do!
     Diva's challenge was about Petrosky stones.  I had never hear of them, and if you want to hear more about them and see some really nice photos of real petrosky stones go here.
     And last but not least the summer challenge over at FB has ended.   Here are my last two pages.
      Thanks for dropping by and I hope you are having a lovely week.   I also hope everyone and all your loved ones are safe from the storm in Texas.  Take care.  Hugs.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Eclipse Week

     I have a terrible time coming up with title for my posts.  They are not inspiring.  I mean, yes, this was eclipse week, but aside from stating that fact I don't have a lot of things to say about it.  I stayed inside that day.  I know, boring.  But I just didn't trust the glasses and all.  Also sunlight bothers my eyes.  Oh well.  If you were able to get out and see it - I hope you had a lot of fun.  I am glad that I was not responsible for a classroom of children.  Our school elected to go that day and all sat outside and watched it with glasses provided for them.  I would have been very nervous worrying about them removing the glasses and such.  But the pictures posted showed they had a good time.
     My FB journal challenge this week was fun!  I like the one I did for the color black best.  Inside the Love challenge I wrote things that mean a lot to me. 
     The inchie word was seagull.  We live hours from the ocean, but - strangely - we often see seagulls in the grocery store parking lot.  Why?  I haven't a clue.  Maybe they are not really seagulls, but just look like them.  Whatever.
      The guest blogger over at Diva's wanted us to do a plate type tile.  She suggested doing one, but I had to have the whole plate.  I also chose to do it in blue to remind me of a plate my grandma used to have.
     Made by Joey has a 9 week challenge going on.  That is fine, but I am having to force myself to not work ahead.  I love how it has started out.  Of course red, black and white are awesome color combos.
     I actually called the insurance company and got info about cataract surgery.  I have to do this.  My eyes are not doing very well and it goes without saying I would be lost if I could not draw or create to some degree.  I am so afraid of the surgery.  Laying there awake while someone "fiddles" around in my eye grosses me out!  If any of you have ANY experience or have talked with someone who has, please share some encouraging words with me.  Please don't tell me anything negative - I have no trouble at all coming up with those thoughts, lol! 
    Thank you for dropping by - if you are not following my blog already, I would love for you too!  Have a wonderful rest of the week.  Hugs!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A Few Challenges

     Good afternoon!  I hope you are having a wonderful day!  We just got in from the grocery store - glad that chore is over for a bit. 
      My inchie was fun to do this week (well, they all are).  I love Kermit and so he had to be my frog for this week.   And of course, I hummed and sang "The Rainbow Connection" the entire time I drew!
     Diva's challenge was to use the tangle fragment D6.  Mine sort of got lost in the tile, but it is there!
      I am super excited about the Made by Joey challenge!  It is going to go for 9 weeks and we get a tangle to use (or possibly some other challenge).  The string for the tangles is drawn and connects over all 9 tiles.  Here is week one of the challenge!  I have a frame waiting for the completed piece.
    And last the daily Facebook challenge -

     Have a good rest of the week and here's hopefully something to make you smile!  Hugs!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Happy Tuesday!

    Lots of challenge fun this week.  I always start with the inchie - I love that one so much!  This week's word was alligator. 
     Made By Joey has a guest blogger, Susan Theron.  We were to use tangles that started with the letters j/v/o.  The string is a J for Joey!  My tile looks sort of mish mosh, but here goes anyway.  I used jazz-e-flower, jubel, vitrail too, verve, and on-two-three.
     Diva has a guest blogger also, Suzanne Fluhr.  She has a lovely tangle called aloha.  I really enjoyed playing with this one and will probably use it in the future.

     Last of the challenges this week was the Facebook daily one.  This has been a lot of fun and gives me a quick daily tangle to work on. 
     Here are a few other things I have been working on the last few days - loving time to cut with my cricut!
Perpetual calendar made from paper

Exploding box - outside

Inside of exploding box

My favorite!  These are going to be filled with spices and go into a kitchen drawer.  I have 2 more boxes to go!
     Hope your week is filled with blessings and fun!  Thanks for dropping by!