Wednesday, July 31, 2019

A Crossroads

   It has been so long since I have written that I could not remember how to get into the blog.  Seriously.  I have missed writing.  I love to write almost as much as I love o do art work.  But I have to do some thinking about this blog.  I missed it.  I missed you all.  I love comments because it connects me to some very creative people.  And I need that.  However I am not sure what direction to go on this blog.  There will always be artwork, because hey, I have to create.  It isn't just going to be art work though (and I hope I don't lose you all).  I want to write about what is happening with me, share some things I am learning, invite you to look at me new art projects and just chat. 
   I have been doing some tangling and of course some coloring.  I also have been painting some rocks.  I did this years ago and sort of lost interest.  Now the interest has returned.  I am using them to decorate my house plants.  Here is what I have done so far.  Some are a bit off center but overall I am pleased and definitely having fun.  And where do I find such lovely rocks?  On the Amazon.  Well, not the Amazon, but Amazon either way.

     As I mentioned in the last very long ago post, I am trying to declutter.  That will be an ongoing project for probably forever!  Or so it seems.  I have cleaned out my brother's room.  Very hard for me to do.  But now it is what I am calling a study.  Or eventually will be.  I have move the stationary bike in there, some plants and hope to one day own a recliner. 
     My BIG project has been to have my front porch repaired and screened in.  I will probably write about that next so you can expect a LOT of photos.  It is what I have always dreamed of and if I say so myself, it is really great looking.  To say I am pleased is an understatement.  It did take a while to get there - more about that and the saga of the stairs in my next post. 
      My life have changed a great deal since the loss of my brother.  I have coped with things I was certain I could not.  Grown in ways I find unbelievable.  I still grieve.  I think perhaps I always will.  Not in the same way.  The emptiness does not go away.  It changes you and everything around you.  I am happy though.  I have met a lot of new wonderful friends and have had some new experiences.  I would go back to where I was in a heartbeat, but since that cannot be done, I move forward.  Sometimes not so steadily but still forward. 
     I will leave it at this today.  It feels good to be back to writing.  Sort of like talking to an old friend.  I hope you will get this post.  I hope you will read it.  I also hope you will drop me a "hello" in the comments so I will know you are still out there.  I won't swamp you with posts - promise.  I just want a place to sit and chat for a bit.  Thanks for all the time you spent with me before and I hope you will find something now to bring you back around occasionally.  Have a wonderful day and next time you can find out how many steps my front porch had to have!  It is quite a story. 

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