Saturday, March 25, 2017

Thirty-five, but who's counting???

     No sadly, (or maybe not), 35 is not my age.  It is the school days until my retirement.  I am officially getting excited.  There is still a lot of bittersweet feelings.  People I will miss.  Things I enjoy doing.  But . . .  I find myself thinking more and more about what I am going to have time to do. 
     Oh well, on to inchies!  This week the word was "woodpecker".  With my passion for cartoons, I had to choose Woody!  I grew up with his mischief.  And of course that crazy laugh!  So here is my famous woodpecker this week! 

      Made by Joey's letter was "L".  I chose to use the tangles leelee, lichen, and Lisbon.  This was a fun tile to work on.  I used some tangles I had never really worked with before.  I may have to use them again soon!

      What another alphabet challenge?  Yep.  Over at Diane Clancy's site.  We needed to choose tangles that begin with the letters ABC.  I had already started the page in my journal / calendar and was very happy with how those green shades looked with the black.  So I drew my tile in between the swirly things.  Well the thought was good but I could not work out the tangle I originally wanted to use.  Made a rather good mess in fact.  What to do?  It is in my calendar - I cannot will not tear it out.  I really got frustrated.  No zen in that moment.  So I grabbed a black pen and blotted out all my goofs!  Then used gel pens to draw new tangles over my "black" tile. 
the full page

      Thank you for dropping by and visiting!  I hope you have a very blessed week.  In one week I have spring break (a whole week) and I cannot wait.  See you next week!  Hugs!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Good Morning!!

     I hope this post finds everyone in good health and a happy place!  I am feeling great this morning.  I had a pretty good week at school with the kiddos - I do wish they would focus a bit more, but behavior was good.  I had my last evaluation with my principal, no more worries about how that will go each time.  And mailed the last of the retirement papers.  Yes, a good week.
     I also had time to tackle a few challenges.  I did my inchie first.  This week's word was "heron".  I really liked how this guy turned out.  Sorry no cartoons this week.
    Now on to Made by Joey's challenge - the letter K.  I have to do all of these because I am so linear I simply cannot leave out a letter.  I used the tangles - kiss, kali and kismet.
     It has been ages since I have completed one of Adele Bruno's challenges.  I love them.  There just isn't always enough time for all I want to do.  Imagine that.  But I did it this week.  I used my Carole Ohl calendar and since I did it on the 17th, it just had to be green for St. Patrick's day.
     Well, now off to make some birthday cards.  I have 3 birthdays coming up and I had best get rolling!  Thank you for dropping by and please have a blessed day!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Feeling a bit "Daffy"

     Can you tell from my inchies I was part of the Saturday morning cartoon generation?  Those good old cartoons that made you roll in silly giggles.  No heavy ecological lessons or such, just laughing.  Note I did not say violence, because I did enjoy the Roadrunner cartoons and honestly I kept pulling for that poor Coyote!  But for those of you who aren't familiar with Daffy Duck or just want to have a chuckle, check out this link - Daffy Duck cartoons.  Here is my inchie to go with the cartoon -
     Actually most of the week, I seemed to have the same expression on my face as Daffy did!  Kind of a "how do I get this group ready for state testing ???" look.
     Made by Joey's challenge was the letter J.  I used the tangles jellyroll, jubel, and jambalee.  I also used some glittery gel pens because . . . well, no reason, they were pretty!
    Diva's challenge was to use the tangle amphora.  I was not very familiar with that one.  I wish I had been able to keep the movement I was looking for  but place the rows closer together.  Oh well, it turned out pretty good. 
     Friday was an emotional day.  It was time for our principal to bring around our forms to fill out for our "intent" for next year.  My intent is to sleep late, and create for hours.  That wasn't on the form.  So instead I had to mark I wouldn't be back and also write a letter of resignation.  Oh my.  I (probably foolishly) cried as I wrote.  I am a person who does not like change of any sort, even the good ones.  So this was a milestone for me.  One would think I am not happy, I truly am.  I am just uneasy. 
     We had a beautiful week, weather wise.  Temperatures in the low seventies and sixties.  Pleasant weather.  I stress this because tonight it is predicted we will get 1-3 inches of . . .s . . . n . . . o . . . w.  I cannot believe it.  Surely someone is wrong.  Now, I really did want one beautiful, "go outside and play" snow before winter was over.  I did.  But now that the flowers are blooming and I am not having to wear a coat, come on spring!  What is this snow word creeping into the scene??!!
      Thank you for dropping by and I love your comments!  Pretty soon, I will have time to comment on posts too!  Just you wait, you will get tired of my posts!  Hugs!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

That’s a joke, I say that’s a joke son

    Just in case you don't know who said the title to this blogpost, head over to this link - Foghorn Leghorn cartoons and have a few minutes fun watching this rooster in action.  He absolutely cracks me up.  The Every Inchie word this week was "rooster" and who better than old Foghorn to help me out. 
      Made by Joey's letter was I.  I had a bit of trouble finding other tangles that started with an I (that I liked).  But here it is.

    I even made it to Diva's challenge #305.  This was a duo challenge using marasu and molygon.  I really like marasu, but molygon not so much. 
     This has been a long week.  Lots of things going on.  We missed a day in the middle of the week due to the threat of storms - fortunately nothing happened around here.  I feel blessed for that.  I also did not mind the "extra" day off. 
      Ahead of me is lots of packing and cleaning my classroom.  Sorting through nearly 40 years of stuff is overwhelming! I like most people in education am a "packrat", saving things from probably my first day of teaching. 
     Have a wonderful day and see you next week!