Saturday, March 25, 2017

Thirty-five, but who's counting???

     No sadly, (or maybe not), 35 is not my age.  It is the school days until my retirement.  I am officially getting excited.  There is still a lot of bittersweet feelings.  People I will miss.  Things I enjoy doing.  But . . .  I find myself thinking more and more about what I am going to have time to do. 
     Oh well, on to inchies!  This week the word was "woodpecker".  With my passion for cartoons, I had to choose Woody!  I grew up with his mischief.  And of course that crazy laugh!  So here is my famous woodpecker this week! 

      Made by Joey's letter was "L".  I chose to use the tangles leelee, lichen, and Lisbon.  This was a fun tile to work on.  I used some tangles I had never really worked with before.  I may have to use them again soon!

      What another alphabet challenge?  Yep.  Over at Diane Clancy's site.  We needed to choose tangles that begin with the letters ABC.  I had already started the page in my journal / calendar and was very happy with how those green shades looked with the black.  So I drew my tile in between the swirly things.  Well the thought was good but I could not work out the tangle I originally wanted to use.  Made a rather good mess in fact.  What to do?  It is in my calendar - I cannot will not tear it out.  I really got frustrated.  No zen in that moment.  So I grabbed a black pen and blotted out all my goofs!  Then used gel pens to draw new tangles over my "black" tile. 
the full page

      Thank you for dropping by and visiting!  I hope you have a very blessed week.  In one week I have spring break (a whole week) and I cannot wait.  See you next week!  Hugs!


  1. Now I have the cartoon show music stuck in my head! One of the shows I loved to see:-)


  2. Love your Woody! I grew up watching him as well and remember the laugh as well. I love the tiles, the colors are awesome. Love the geometry of them all.

  3. Well done...I avoided a Woody inchie because of the song...but I don't hear it with yours, so thanks for using him ;) Dixx


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