Saturday, March 18, 2017

Good Morning!!

     I hope this post finds everyone in good health and a happy place!  I am feeling great this morning.  I had a pretty good week at school with the kiddos - I do wish they would focus a bit more, but behavior was good.  I had my last evaluation with my principal, no more worries about how that will go each time.  And mailed the last of the retirement papers.  Yes, a good week.
     I also had time to tackle a few challenges.  I did my inchie first.  This week's word was "heron".  I really liked how this guy turned out.  Sorry no cartoons this week.
    Now on to Made by Joey's challenge - the letter K.  I have to do all of these because I am so linear I simply cannot leave out a letter.  I used the tangles - kiss, kali and kismet.
     It has been ages since I have completed one of Adele Bruno's challenges.  I love them.  There just isn't always enough time for all I want to do.  Imagine that.  But I did it this week.  I used my Carole Ohl calendar and since I did it on the 17th, it just had to be green for St. Patrick's day.
     Well, now off to make some birthday cards.  I have 3 birthdays coming up and I had best get rolling!  Thank you for dropping by and please have a blessed day!


  1. Two wonderful tiles, but I adore the second one, Adele Bruno's challenge. It's just to flowing and happy well as so Irish!! Love it!


  2. love both of the tiles and amazing amount of detail in your inchie!

  3. Love your tiles especially the green one and a super heron inchie too.


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