Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day 211 Playing with color!

   I cleaned out a drawer.  Now that is not big news for some of you, but for me it was a task worth mentioning.  The upside is that I found a large stack of cards given to me by . . . oh, I have no idea.  So for day 211, I went to work playing on those cards.  It was the least I could do after my cleaning chore!  I used a combination of sakura Koi markers and colored pencils.  Lots of fun using the combination of pens and markers.  I also took some time and explored how to add a watermark.  I am not sure it is the best method, but I accomplished it just the same.  If anyone has any suggestions about a method or what I need to do to watermark my work, please share.

      Thanks for dropping by - have a wonderful day!   

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Days 207 - 210, Playing with paper dolls!

     I got a little bit of tangling done on day 207, but not much.  I have been fighting a rather nasty headache.  For Suzy Mosh's New to Me challenge, I used the tangle Lacee for my new one.  Then we had to add some tangles by artist JJ Labarbera.  One of my favorite all time tangles is verve!  I love that one.  I also used arc flower and longwood by her.
        My next project took two days - days 208 and 209.  I have been talking about my paper cut outs for my door and here they are!  I had so much fun looking at their yearbook photos and trying to make them resemble the dolls.  By the way, the gray haired old lady is not a student, she is me.
     Aren't they adorable?!  I have a few extra parts on hand for unexpected new students.  Now all I have to do is put them on my door. 
     Today's creativity is a stretch I guess.   I had to get a review written and so that is my creative input for day 210.  You can read it here
     I hope you are having a wonderful day!  I have a few (thousand) things I want to do before I return to school next Wednesday.  While I love my job, I also love my summer.  And I also love to sleep in.  When I get to be "Queen of the World", I will make a law that school doesn't start until 10!  Thanks for dropping by and saying hello!

EcoStatic product review

     Remember when static cling was used referring to a problem with your petticoat?  Maybe not, but it was.  As a young girl I remember fighting that menace.  Oh well, that was another story. . .
     Today's product is chock full of "static cling"  and it is a good thing.  Several weeks before being asked to review this, I saw it on pinterest.  My first thoughts were that if it worked it would be a great thing o use in my classroom.  Then I was asked to do a review and yahoo!  EcoStatic Whiteboard sheets or Slickyboard sheets are awesome.  They can be used as a flipchart, easel display, or a bulletin board.  They can be erased if you use a dry erase marker which makes them reusable.  They will last for weeks on a surface and come in a handy 10 pack. 
     I had a bit of trouble finding a place to put them to try them out in my house.  My walls are avery rough surface and while they did stick, it wasn't easy to write on.  So I relocated to my kitchen cabinets.  Much better.  Actually when school start in a few days I know exactly where this is going.  I plan on using it them on the back of my classroom door to put up homework assignments.  On the wall near my reading group to put up words.  On the computer wall to sign in to use the computers.  I could go on.  These are going to get a lot of use.  They could even be used to put in a child's room to allow them a space to draw or write.  There seems to be a lot to love about these sheets.  I may even cut on to actually fit my cabinet at home to write notes on. 
    I love that they erase so easily and that when I need to they can be recycled. 
      The Slicky Notes are just as cool!  They are double sided and have a double function.  The colored side of the pad can be written on using anything.  The white side is just like the sheets above - use a dry erase marker and they can be used over and over again.  The fact that they are adhesive free and therefore do not leave any residue is great.  Again, while I had fun playing around with them here at home, they are going to school with me.  I can see a lot of uses for them in my classroom. 
     The items in this review are going to be very handy to start my school year.  If you have interest in them, head over to  Thanks for dropping by!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day 206 Eye-wa

     What a short little post?!  From me?  Amazing, huh?  I just thought while I was sitting here I would get these two tiles posted.  Then on to Tangle Harmony to get the new tangles for the week and add them to my notebook. My notebook is about 3 inches thick and growing.
      Square One (facebook) challenged us to use the tangle eye-wa.  I did the first one and felt it was sort of lame so I decided to try another.  I like the second one better.   Some interesting variations with this tangle.

      Thank you for dropping by and saying hello! Have a wonderfully blessed day.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Days 203 - 205 Working ahead for a change!

       I rarely have the luxury, even over the summer, to work ahead of the many challenges I participate in.  A few of them even post the ideas ahead.  Now the catch is I will have to remember to post them on the challenges that will come out the first of next week.  I have post-its all over my table telling me things not to forget.  I, afterall, know my limitations and memory is one of them.  The older I get, the more limiting it is.  And I never was very good.
     For day 203, I worked on Adele Bruno's challenge.  It is not a piece I am really excited about.  It is sort of bland in my opinion.
     I decided to work ahead and do the inchie for next week.  I know next week is going to get a bit hectic with school just around the corner.  the work was yellow.  I usually throw the word out to my brother and his first suggestion was "yellow submarine".  So that was that.  Day 204 is a yellow submarine!
      The next day, day 205, I jumped ahead again.  This is for Diane Clancy's challenge - use the tangles that begin with SPV.  I wanted something different.  Unique.  So I traced 3 ATCs into my journal and did the very same tangles on each. Then I colored each ATC.  One with cool, one neutral, one warm.  I like this piece very much.   It was also fun to do. 

      My project for the rest of today is to get ready to cut the clothes for my class room paperdolls.  I have a cut out for each child and I want them to be ready for decorating my class door.  I will show you when I get them cut - it takes awhile.  Have a great day and thanks for dropping by!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Days 200 - 202, Art Attack!

     Finally decided to get going and get this blog posted.  It takes me awhile to do this.  The art work is simple, it is the hassle of scanning and posting . . . However, I really enjoy it.  I have always loved writing.  I even considered another blog to just write on - stories and such from my childhood.  Probably would not be one that had any followers, but even so, it could be fun to do.  Maybe.
     Day 200 - really?!  I am not sure what amazes me more - that I have been doing something creative for 200 days or that there is only 165 days left this year?!!! My first project for the day was to do my inchie.  I did a light bulb for the word energy.  Then I took some clear gel and put it over the light.  Not sure the glitter shows up here but in person it is really sparkly.
      Also today, I worked (a bit ahead, I think, on Diane Clancy's alphabet challenge.  We had to use tangles beginning with the letters UNI.  I used unyun, indy-rella, and nzeppel.  I will use any excuse to use nzeppel.  I love that one.

     The heat is awful here.  Of course, I am the sort of person who thinks 85 or above is sweltering.  Give me mid 70's year round.  But the heat gives me an excuse (like I need one) to sit inside and  create for day 201.  The first tile on my agenda was Diva's challenge - Circus Life.  We had to choose from certain tangles.  I chose tropicana, cack and linq.  Mine is sort of a "three ring circus".
      Then I worked on the Tangle Me Three challenge.  The tangle we had to use was boomerang.  I had fun trying to make variations of this tangle.  I really think I need to do more working and exploring with varying tangles. 
      Day 202 and still quite warm.  Heat indexes of above 100.  Yuck.  Poor Lakota wants to go out and play, but after about 5 minutes he heads for the house.  I follow quite quickly too.  I worked on two tiles today.  One is for Made by Joey and uses just the tangle girdy.  This is a tangle I don't use very much. 
     The last for this "art attack" post was for the New to Me challenge.  A new tangle beginning with the letter D (I chose two).  Then something by tangle artist Sandy Hunter.  When I went to her site to check out her tangle list, I spent a long time playing with all her neat tangles.  She is one major talent!  From her site I used cruffle, pooma, snafoozle, and lola.  Don't you love the names of these things?! 
      All of this was finished up last night, but had to wait til today to post.  I have to twist my brother's arm to scan and email them to me.  Not much of twist really.  He is usually pretty agreeable.  Now I get this finished and get to create something for today!  Can my blog "count" as my create something each day?  Probably, but then I wouldn't have an excuse to draw. 
     Thank you for dropping by and I hope you have a wonderful day,  If you would like, instead of sending me sunshine today, I will take some shade instead!! 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 199

     Lots of art to share today - most days really.  But long posts and days to do nothing but create are fast coming to an end.  Then it is off to school and all that involves.  Getting closer each day . . .
     Square One (facebook) used hollibaugh for the challenge this week.  I really don't spend a lot of time with tangle - perhaps I need to more often.  I really like how both my hollibaugh tiles turned out.  The first one was just going to be simple - do it and get it over with.  But then I started adding the holes and varying the sizes and voila!  I like it.  I even added some knightbridge, which I rarely if ever use.  While I was doing this one, I thought about using chainging for the hollibaugh paths.  So that is what I did for tile number 2. 
      Then I went to work on Diane Clancy's ABC challenge.  This time I used the tangles X2, xircus, kizzmet, kwilt, graancirkel, and groovy.   The letters we had to use were XGK.  Gracious, tangle names drive this poor spell checker crazy on the machine! 
     The last piece was started last night but finished up today.  The flowers are supposed to be morning glories.  I remember loving each morning to see those beautiful flowers on the fence by my grandfather's house.  The colors and the way they greeted you for a few hours each morning were special.  I am not sure if they are viewed as "weeds", but I loved them.  Still do. 
     I can't help but think about Chattanooga's tragedy as I draw.  I heard just this morning that another of the wounded died, a Navy man.  I cannot comprehend the grief their families must feel.  It also is so devastating that it is so close to home and so personal. 
     Thank you for dropping by and visiting.  Hope your day is richly blessed!  Hugs!

Days 196 - 198

    First of all let me say "THANK YOU" to everyone who has left me such wonderful comments over these long posts.  Your encouragement and friendship is very much appreciated.
     Day 196 - One day I will own nice colored pencils.  But for now my trusty school friend, Crayola, will have to do.  I have been enjoying coloring in a coloring book I won and decided for today's art I woulddo my own design to color.  I really enjoyed playing with this sort of square mandala.

     Adele Bruno's string challenge was to use the tangles LG and rixty.  At first I wasn't too sure how to make them work.  But honestly, I love how it turned out.  Great for day 197.

     Today is a good day to stay inside and chill.  No place to go.  Nothing I want to do.  Notice I did not say there wasn't anything I NEEDED to do.  There is of course housework.  Eeeew!  Compared with art time- uh, not gonna happen.  I decided to do one of the Journal52 pages I am behind in.  At least one.  Before this is posted, I may actually finish both of them.  We will see.  Here is day 198.

      Today my city - Chattanooga was devastated.  I am sure you read about it.  Four marines lost their life today and others were injured.  It is always scary to hear aout things like this, but when it is so close to home, it gets even scarier.  We do frequent business just a few doors down from the site.  We even considered going up there today, but decided to be "lazy" and go on Monday.  While I doubt I would have been in harm's way - I would have been scared to death!
     Thank you for dropping by and sending me some sunshine.   If you could combine your sunshine with a bit of cooler weather, that would be just fine.  Have a blessed day! Hugs to all!  Please say a prayer for Chattanooga.  Thanks.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Days 194 and 195

     The skies are gray today.  It is still hot outside, but now it is muggy too.  Perhaps it will rain this afternoon.  I don't mind that as long as it doesn't storm.  I don't like storms.  I used to spend weekends with my grandmother as a child.  She was absolutely terrified of storms.   I think that rubbed off on me.  And while I wouldn't say terrified, they do still make me very uncomfortable. 
     On to some tangling.  Yesterday, day 194, I worked on two different pieces.  Both of them are for challenges over at Susy Mosh's site.  The New to Me challenge was to do a new tangle beginning with the letter W and a tangle by artist Erin Olsen.  I used the tangles whistler and woven.  Woven reminded me why I didn't use it since putting it into my notebook - yikes, that was a pain!  I also chose to use midoosa by Erin.  That one was fun. 
      Ixorus is one of my favorite tangles.  I always make sure to teach it to my art club.  It fills areas nicely and has such a pretty rhythm.  For Susy's other challenge we had to use just ixorus, but come up with some tangleations.  I had never played with varying this tangle much.  But I had some fun changing the half circles to triangles and boxes. 
      Today is day 195.  Wow!  My journal is big enough that I can draw two tiles on each page.  When I was doing the ixorus yesterday, I used the bottom "tile" to wipe off my blender marker.  I really don't know why I chose to scribble all over that page and when I finished it wasn't all that great a background.  Rather than ignore it, I decided to use it and see what could come of it.  Diva's challenge was to keep it simple, lots of space, one or two tangles, just simple.  Joey's Made by Joey challenge was to use florz in a monotangle.  How about the two combined?  Over a very haphazard background?  Yep.  That will do. 
     I also spent some time this afternoon coloring in an "adult" coloring book.  (I always think that sounds a bit silly).  I won it a few weeks ago and just now decided to try it out.  I will post pictures when I finish a page or two.  It is relaxing to just sit and color.  Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Day 192 and 193

     For day 192 I got a couple of things done.  Not much.  I worked on Square One's facebook challenge to use the tangle finery.  I first needed a refresher course on how to do it so I searched for an Ellen Wolter video.  Fortunately she had one.  Her videos are awesome.  Absolutely.  I kept this simple because I wasn't sure about doing finery.  It turned out okay.
    Next I worked on a tile for Diane Clancy's site.  We had to use tangles that began with L, Q, and D.  I did Lanie  first and was pretty happy with how that looked.  Then I got the no so bright idea of coloring some areas of the string with black.  Heading downhill, I decided to do the tangle Quad.  I almost quit.  There are several mistakes there.  The problem with putting my tiles directly into my journal is that I cannot crumple them and toss.  Particularly if the other half of the page is done.  I finished up with darvaza.  This is not my finest hour!  But here it is either way.
      Day 193.  Not much to show for today.  I worked on my inchie for Every Inchie Monday.  The word was "nose".   I just sketched a nose.  Then inked the edges to help the white paper out.  Funny how the top ink turned into fringed bangs! 
    The only other major accomplishment today was I scrubbed down my kitchen cabinets.  Yahoo!  I got all but one - I can't reach that and my brother said he will get it.  As I look at my calendar, it is hard to believe my summer is slipping away.  I hate to see that happen.  It has been so nice to be pain free in my legs and feet.  Then school will begin and that will only be a memory.  I must get new shoes when I can afford them.  I just can't seem to find ones that are comfortable and not too horrible looking.  Any suggestions?  Do nurse shoes help?
     I hope you have a wonderful day!  See you soon!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Day 190 String Challenge #100, Day 191 School Stuff

         Adele Bruno's string challenge is having a birthday!  It is now 100 challenges old.  For the occaision she has a new string (that looks like the number 100) and a new tangle named 100.  This tangle has - well, like a hundred variations!  I had a lot of fun playing with it in my journal trying to decide what to do.  Here is day 190.

         For day 191 I worked on another bulletin board for school.  It is hard to tell much about it, but I think when it is all mounted it is going to be gorgeous!  At least I hope so.  I am pleased with it.

         Thanks for dropping by!  And have a "happy birthday Adele's challenge"!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Days 187 - 189, Challenge Fun!

     I am totally loving all this time to sit and draw or do other household projects.  I love teaching, but it is a full 24/7 job sometimes.   I needed this major unwind time.
     For day 187 I finished two projects.  The first one is the partner to my last post.  I had done the warm colors in a blind scribble.  This time I chose the cool colors and did the same thing.  I don't know which I like best, warm or cool?  Do you have a favorite?
     Then I worked on the New to Me challenge.  We had to use a tangle by Michele Beauchamp and a new tangle that begins with the letter H.  I chose blooming butter by Michele Beauchamp.  She is one of my absolute favorite tangle artists.  Her style is beautiful.  For the letter H, I chose hekzee.   I usually struggle with this one, but this time it worked out okay.
     Not a huge amount of time to create on day 188.  It was grocery day.  Yuck.  I hate the hassle of grocery shopping but since we do enjoy eating, it is a necessity.  I worked on my inchie, "yarn" and also a challenge for Tangle Me 3 - strircles. 
Every Inchie Monday - yarn
     Today, day 189, I finished up two more challenges.  I did Diva's challenge.  We had to use 2 or three colors.  Lots of times I will color tangles, but rarely work with color pens to draw.  I decided to draw in color this time.
     The last thing I worked on - so far - was the tile for Made by Joey.  We had to do a monotangle with entwine.  I love how this tangle looks.  However, I really cannot draw it without lots of pencil work and struggle.  It is a kicker!  My tile is pretty simple, but really it is all I could do with it. 
     Well, that is all for today!  Thank you for dropping by!  Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Day 186 - Warm colors

     Glad to say yesterday's stomach issue has decided to take its leave!  Yahoo!  I feel a lot better and even had a highly unusual good night's sleep.  I sleep in patches.  An hour and then wake up.  All through the night.  What a pain!
     I haven't even checked the challenges posted for today.  I wanted to finish up the piece I started yesterday.  In my journal I drew a "blind string".  That means my eyes were closed.  Then I chose the three warm colors and just tangled and played.  Lots of fun.  I plan on doing a cool color version. 
     Thanks for dropping by and I hope you are having a great day!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Day 185

     Another rainy day.  I can't say that dismays me too much.  I went to bed with a mondo sick stomach and it has not disappeared.  I am not sure if it is a bug or something I ate.  Either way, it could go away right now.
     I have spent the day in my pjs and drawing.  What bliss.  The first thing I did was to post days 183 and 184. Then I went to work on today's agenda.  For a Facebook Stacked and Tangled challenge, we had to use a circle for our templates.  I also had Diane Clancy's challenge to do using tangles with the letters Y-H-A.  So I combined the two.  This uses (from the top) - arukas, hollibaugh, yewdee, antique, hibred and yincut.  All fun tangles to play with.

     Square One's tangle challenge was to use munchin.  I also added some moonflower. 

     Susy Mosh has a new challenge.  (Oh why?  I will never get them all done, lol)  I missed last week's monotangle with cadent, so I went back and did that one.  We have to use the original tangle and at least 2 other variations of it.  The name of the challenge - Tangle Me 3.  Pretty cool.  The one for this week had to use axlexa.  Done. 


     It is almost supper time.  Uh . . .  I meet that with reservations.  I am hungry.  But for the last hour I have been able to sit calmly.  Probably because I am essentially empty.   I hope supper doesn't wake the sleeping dragon again!
     Thanks for dropping by and I hope you are having a very blessed day.