Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 199

     Lots of art to share today - most days really.  But long posts and days to do nothing but create are fast coming to an end.  Then it is off to school and all that involves.  Getting closer each day . . .
     Square One (facebook) used hollibaugh for the challenge this week.  I really don't spend a lot of time with tangle - perhaps I need to more often.  I really like how both my hollibaugh tiles turned out.  The first one was just going to be simple - do it and get it over with.  But then I started adding the holes and varying the sizes and voila!  I like it.  I even added some knightbridge, which I rarely if ever use.  While I was doing this one, I thought about using chainging for the hollibaugh paths.  So that is what I did for tile number 2. 
      Then I went to work on Diane Clancy's ABC challenge.  This time I used the tangles X2, xircus, kizzmet, kwilt, graancirkel, and groovy.   The letters we had to use were XGK.  Gracious, tangle names drive this poor spell checker crazy on the machine! 
     The last piece was started last night but finished up today.  The flowers are supposed to be morning glories.  I remember loving each morning to see those beautiful flowers on the fence by my grandfather's house.  The colors and the way they greeted you for a few hours each morning were special.  I am not sure if they are viewed as "weeds", but I loved them.  Still do. 
     I can't help but think about Chattanooga's tragedy as I draw.  I heard just this morning that another of the wounded died, a Navy man.  I cannot comprehend the grief their families must feel.  It also is so devastating that it is so close to home and so personal. 
     Thank you for dropping by and visiting.  Hope your day is richly blessed!  Hugs!


  1. Beautiful art work! Mt fav is the first one. However ... the last one .... Well, I like all.
    Even when this tragedy is far away (in distance) we heard about it here in The Netherlands. When you hear of a thing like this, your thoughts are always with those families. No matter where it happened.

  2. Lovely tiles, I like how you use a hint of colour, just here and there.

  3. My heart aches too for families touched by such tragedy and it is also amazing how many burdens so many carry!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Morning Glories. Apparently in some places they are weeds but around here (eastern US) people buy seed packets and plant them. Beautiful!! Your Square Ones are cool too - I too prefer the first :) But both are cool!! Your X-K-G is very lovely!! Cool really works!! I am going to have to look up some tangles :) :) Thank you for joining in!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  4. Your Morning Glories could be a new pattern .... but you could change the name a little - wanted to share the Morning Glories pattern by a Little Lime

    ~ Daine


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