Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Days 207 - 210, Playing with paper dolls!

     I got a little bit of tangling done on day 207, but not much.  I have been fighting a rather nasty headache.  For Suzy Mosh's New to Me challenge, I used the tangle Lacee for my new one.  Then we had to add some tangles by artist JJ Labarbera.  One of my favorite all time tangles is verve!  I love that one.  I also used arc flower and longwood by her.
        My next project took two days - days 208 and 209.  I have been talking about my paper cut outs for my door and here they are!  I had so much fun looking at their yearbook photos and trying to make them resemble the dolls.  By the way, the gray haired old lady is not a student, she is me.
     Aren't they adorable?!  I have a few extra parts on hand for unexpected new students.  Now all I have to do is put them on my door. 
     Today's creativity is a stretch I guess.   I had to get a review written and so that is my creative input for day 210.  You can read it here
     I hope you are having a wonderful day!  I have a few (thousand) things I want to do before I return to school next Wednesday.  While I love my job, I also love my summer.  And I also love to sleep in.  When I get to be "Queen of the World", I will make a law that school doesn't start until 10!  Thanks for dropping by and saying hello!


  1. When you are queen just make a law that all work is done by robots and humans get to do the creative stuff, then we can lie in each morning thinking about what we are going to create.

  2. You did great on the TNTM tile! and I love your little paper dolls. Best of luck as you go back to school. Thanks for being part of the TNTM challenge this week!


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