Wednesday, July 29, 2015

EcoStatic product review

     Remember when static cling was used referring to a problem with your petticoat?  Maybe not, but it was.  As a young girl I remember fighting that menace.  Oh well, that was another story. . .
     Today's product is chock full of "static cling"  and it is a good thing.  Several weeks before being asked to review this, I saw it on pinterest.  My first thoughts were that if it worked it would be a great thing o use in my classroom.  Then I was asked to do a review and yahoo!  EcoStatic Whiteboard sheets or Slickyboard sheets are awesome.  They can be used as a flipchart, easel display, or a bulletin board.  They can be erased if you use a dry erase marker which makes them reusable.  They will last for weeks on a surface and come in a handy 10 pack. 
     I had a bit of trouble finding a place to put them to try them out in my house.  My walls are avery rough surface and while they did stick, it wasn't easy to write on.  So I relocated to my kitchen cabinets.  Much better.  Actually when school start in a few days I know exactly where this is going.  I plan on using it them on the back of my classroom door to put up homework assignments.  On the wall near my reading group to put up words.  On the computer wall to sign in to use the computers.  I could go on.  These are going to get a lot of use.  They could even be used to put in a child's room to allow them a space to draw or write.  There seems to be a lot to love about these sheets.  I may even cut on to actually fit my cabinet at home to write notes on. 
    I love that they erase so easily and that when I need to they can be recycled. 
      The Slicky Notes are just as cool!  They are double sided and have a double function.  The colored side of the pad can be written on using anything.  The white side is just like the sheets above - use a dry erase marker and they can be used over and over again.  The fact that they are adhesive free and therefore do not leave any residue is great.  Again, while I had fun playing around with them here at home, they are going to school with me.  I can see a lot of uses for them in my classroom. 
     The items in this review are going to be very handy to start my school year.  If you have interest in them, head over to  Thanks for dropping by!

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