Sunday, August 30, 2015

Days 237 - 242

   Monday, day 237 - First things first - a HUGE happy birthday to my brother who is my very best friend!!  Now on to a bit of tangling.  I worked on the challenge for Diane Clancy's site.  Our tangles had to begin with the letters P, I, J.  I used peanuckle, inerweave, and jajazz.

   Tuesday, day 238 - I am so loving this group of kiddos.  They are just precious.  Worked on my inchie this afternoon.  I didn't have a lot of time since I wanted to get some work on my lesson plans.  The word for Every Inchie Monday was "pavillion".

   Wednesday, day 239 - Suzy Mosh's New to Me challenge and the letter P!  I used the tangles PTWA and partners.

   Thursday, day 240 - This has been such a busy week so far.  I got a new student at school.  Cute little fellow.  But new students mean a bit more work to get them settled in.  I spent a few moments on Made by Joey's challenge to use the tangle linq.  I had used that one last week for another challenge so it was sort of hard to be too original.  I like this tangle alright, but it doesn't seem to give me a huge amount of choices.

   Friday, day 241 - Adele Bruno's string celebrates an anniversary for the movie "The Wizard of Oz".  One of my absolute favorite movies.  I have seen it a gazillion time - at least.  Of course when I was small, every time the wicked witch came on I would hide my eyes!  She terrified me!

   Saturday, day 242 - I played around with two challenges today.  I did Tangle Me 3.  We had to use the tangle "kinetic" and found the easiest way for me to vary this one was size.  The other tile was for Square One using yincut.  I love yincut - it is one of my favorites!  I also used the newest string from #172.

   Thanks for dropping by!  I will "see" you next week, UNLESS I can get some posts written this week along the way. . . yeah, sure.  Have a wonderful day!!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Staplers, anyone??

    I was asked by to review a stapler.  Since the old one on my desk requires a very powerful "smack" to get to work, I was anxious to give this stapler a look-see.  The first box to arrive was a gorgeous (yes, a stapler can be gorgeous) electric one!  Now I was not expecting that.  This stapler is a Swingline model.  A name I am very familiar with and very fond of.  I plugged this beauty in and took to playing with any loose paper I could find. 
     The first surprise I got was that it was really quiet thanks to some sort of sound dampening system.  My dog is frightened of the noise a stapler or hole punch makes (no clue as to why) and so I was sort of concerned that he would do his usual number and flee the room.  A stack of papers later and he still was fast asleep at my feet.  So yes, this is quiet.
      This stapler is very heavy construction.  It has suction cups on the bottom so it does not move.  It uses standard size staples (1/4" standard, full strip 210) and has a built in storage spot for extras.  The technology boasts "no jam", which I didn't have reason to be concerned about.  There is a LED light to tell you that you are about to run out of staples.  I definitely would check out this stapler, particularly if you need a lot of papers stapled.  I do a lot of booklets and papers for my classroom and this will be great!
     I was very surprised to receive a few days later another stapler.  This is a candy apple red stapler with more extras than I thought could be put into a stapler.  It has a permanent spot on my desk at school (the electric one is for home use).  It is designed so that it can lay flat or stand up right.  No real reason I can see for that, but it is sort of nice to keep the desk uncluttered.  The stapler - a Stanley Bostitch Dynamo Stapler has a rubber grip.  This is really nice since I struggle with some pain in my hands.  It gives it a very comfortable feel.  It will staple about 20 sheets at a time with little effort.  It also opens 180 degrees to allow working on a bulletin board!  In the end is a pencil sharpener.  I sort of think that is a bit unnecessary and probably will never use it.  But it is there is you like.  My favorite feature - a staple remover built right into the stapler!  I think that is one of the best ideas I have ever seen.  Why aren't they ALL made with that?!  Seriously.  I can't count the times I have been mid-board and need to remove something I added.  Then I get to go on the staple pull search - what teacher did I loan that thing to??  Not anymore.  Like I said, my favorite feature, hands down.
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Day 228 - 236, Sunday to Sunday

    Sunday, day 228 - I spent most of today doing school planning.  It is a good thing I really love to do that because it dominates my day.  I did take a few minutes to do my inchie.  As I said, I can't leave this challenge out.  It is so simple and so much fun.  The word was lamp.  I wish the scan showed how pretty and sparkly this turned out.  Trust me, it sparkles.

     Monday, day 229 - Made by Joey's challenge is to use the tangle, kozy.  I put it in my notebook ages ago, but never really used it.  I had some fun with it this afternoon while supper cooked.   I used's string #170 to tangle on.  Not really complicated, however it was fun.

     Tuesday, day 230 - Okay, I love technology.  I love the fact that my teaching career made it to some of the cool things we can now use.  But when you spend half (or more) of a day battling internet issues, machines that won't hook up, and getting no help whatsoever, give me a chalkboard and some dusty old chalk.  Seriously.  It has been one major headache.  And to top it off, I simple had to give up and quit because I could not solve the problem.  With no one to help me, I was out of luck.  Yep.  I am frustrated.  I needed to work on some MAJOR zen.  This piece is not for any challenge.  It is just for my sanity.  It is so I won't hurt someone!  (smile).

     Wednesday, day 231 - Today was better.  I didn't use anything more high tech than a stapler!  I won't do that every day, but hey, I was determined to have a better day.  This afternoon I worked on the New to Me challenge (Suzy Mosh).  Great challenge.  We had to use a new tangle that begins with the letter U and a tangle or two by Jane Monk.  I chose to use a tangle called umbra and also trimonds by Jane Monk.  Then I just felt like some coloring . . . 

     Thursday, day 232 - It has been a very rainy week.  Which we needed badly.  However rainy day recesses are rough.  The kids want to be outside so much.  I tangled a bit after supper this evening.  I worked on the Diane Clancy challenge.  The letters we had to use were KAT.  I went with two rather unfamiliar tangles - axlexa and ta-da.  They are ones I have very limited use of.  Then finished up with one of my favorite go-to tangles - keeko.  I have to say I am not too fond of this tile.  First I made a "boo-boo" and had to add some black to cover a spot. Then the tangles themselves don't' seem to work so well together.  Wish I had more time this evening to do it over but I will just keep repeating "there are no mistakes"!

     Friday, day 233 - The Suzy Mosh Tangle Me 3 challenge was to use the tangle linq in three different ways. 

     Saturday, day 234 - Margaret Bremner has a tangle based on those huge wind generators called windfarm.  This was our tangle to use for Square One challenge.  I added some tipple and betweed.

     Sunday, day 235 - Again??  I nearly missed Adele Bruno's string challenge!  How could I?  It is one of my favorites.  I guess I just got so busy with school work this week, I forgot to check.  Hope this isn't too late to make her list, but here goes anyway.

     I know this looks like a ton of art work.  It really is just 15 - 30 minutes each evening.  Not long, but some needed relaxing time.   Thank you for dropping by!  Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Days 221 - 227, An Art "journal"

     Lots of "stuff" to cut out today to finish up the things I want in my room.  I will get them put together and up for tomorrow's Create Each Day challenge.  Hard to believe so far I haven't missed one day.  Yet.  I did take few minutes for some tangling (that should not surprise anyone).  I worked a bit ahead on Diane Clancy's alphabet challenge.  For the NBV challenge I used a string (#169) off of  I used nzeppel, balloya, and ving.  Simple but I like it.  So here is day 221.

     Monday and day 222 and in-service.  I was fairly tired this afternoon, but worked for a while on the New to Me challenge.  I used arnia and amphora for the new tangles that begin with the letter A.  Then I used stitch and sandswirl for tangles by the artist Karry Heun.  Fun!

     Ta-Da!!  I put the finishing touches on my classroom door!  Aren't my kids precious?  Tonight at Open House the parents just loved it.  Great for day 223.  Staying late the night before school starts is rough though.  I am going to be tired tomorrow.

     Day 224 and I got to meet my kiddos!  Oh they are so cute (my door doesn't begin to do them justice!).  I have 15 in my room.  They are tiny!  I teach second grade.  When I got home I did a quick tile while Ray cooked supper.  This is for Adele Bruno's string challenge.  I used the tangles x-ess and undo.  Relaxing and off my feet!

     One challenge I simply cannot miss is Every Inchie Monday.  Granted I am a little late this week, but better late than never.  Here is day 225.  The word was "wall".  Yep, just "another brick in the wall" (Pink Floyd).

      Is it finally Friday!?  Yahoo!  I am so glad to call it a week.  However, I have had an awesome week.  I love this class.  They are so cute and so sweet.  I appreciate their personalities after a rather difficult year last year.  Day 226 and not a lot of creative energy.  Not at all.  I just worked in my coloring book.  That was about all the "juices" could muster.  It was relaxing and a lot of fun to boot! The coloring sheet is by artist Eden M. Hunt.

      One more day in in this blog "journal" and I had better try to link everything up.  A weekly post may be a bit difficult.  I finished up a tile for the Made by Joey challenge for day 227.  It had to use the tangle jemz.  Lots of glitz in this one.

      Now I HAVE to get this posted or I will never finish linking to every site I need to.  Take care and thanks for dropping by.  I probably will have another long post next week.  School work presses . . .

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Days 217 - 220, Officially summer has ended

     Day 217 was the first day of teacher in-service.   Long hours of meetings and more hard labor than I have done all summer.  By the end of the day, exhaustion had set in.  Not to mention weary feet and legs.  On the bright side, I have two very nice bulletin boards to show for my day! 
     I can tell school work has begun because I now have to pick and choose which challenge I can get to.  I really enjoy all of them and I hate to not get to them.  But for day 218 I really wanted to do Adele Bruno's string challenge.  The string was just too cute to pass up.
     Diane Clancy does a really nice alphabet challenge.  We had to use tangles that begin with the letters BEZ.  I used boomerang, betweed, basketweave, emingle, zurli, and ziabolic.  Lots of relaxing fun for day 219.
    Day 220 and I am officially tired.  I really don't have a lot of creative energy.  I have some things I could work on and may do so later.  Right now, I just wanted to "chill".  So I pulled out my new coloring book (the one I am in!) and decided to just color.  Very zen.  Very peaceful.  I am so glad coloring books are "in fashion" for adults, because I have always enjoyed coloring. I plan on doing a review of this book but for now I will just show the cover.  I also hope to have a link on this site in case you would like to purchase it. 
      Well, I actually got this written.  Now I think I will color some more.  Tomorrow I will work on a few things and get some more school things done before returning on Monday.  Kiddos come on Wednesday.  I can't wait to meet my cuties!  Oh I will show you their characters on the door in my next post!
     Have a wonderful blessed day!  Thanks for coming by!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Days 214 - 216 Summer's last charge!

     My summer days are fading!  Arggh!  I spent yesterday working on lots of school bulletin board things.  When I get them put up, I plan on sharing those for my creative day.  I also worked on a couple of pieces of art for day 214.  I got my inchie ready for Every Inchie Monday.  The word for the week was "window".  I used a magazine picture for the view and a piece of a business envelope for the "glass".  Turned out pretty good.  I wanted to fold the curtains, but they took up too much room that way.

     I also worked on a drawing of a cat.  I am enjoying playing with my markers, can you tell?

     Day 215 a little time  for tile.  I worked on the challenge for New to Me (Suzy Mosh) and used three unfamiliar tangles that begin with the letter J.  I used jute, jelly roll, and jump.  Then I added a bit of glitter.  One little "bobble" in one area, but hey, no mistakes, right?

     I also got to do the challenge for Made by Joey on day 216. We had to use the tangle inapod in a monotangle.  Mine is lacking a bit in creativity, but I couldn't think of a way to spiff it up.

     Now I think I am going to do some school planning plus some last minute things on the "to do" list.  Then tomorrow morning it is bright and early for me! Hopefully I can squeeze in some creativity each day.  Thanks for dropping by and I hope you are having a wonderful day!!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Days 212 and 213

   Okay.  I have "argued" with a watermark program nearly all afternoon.  Unsuccessfully, I might add.  I will figure this out.  I hope.  Lots of pieces to show, little to say. 

Day 212 - String challenge #103, Mi2, meer
Day 212 - Diva Challenge #228, Natural and Organic
Day 213 - Square One, Cirquital
Day 213 - Made by Joey Challenge, Hollibaugh monotangle
Day 213 - Tangle Me 3 challenge, Widgets
     If anyone has a free or at least inexpensive watermark method to use on a Windows 8.1 machine, I would love to have the name of it.   Right now in order for me to watermark things, my brother scans on the desk top, emails them to my tablet, I use a watermark app (which I like) and then I have to email them to my laptop.  Right now, I have all the hours I need to do this.  With school starting and the addition of school work, I am not going to get it done.  There is bound to be a way to solve this.
     Thank you for dropping by and putting up with my ranting!  Have a wonderful day!