Sunday, August 23, 2015

Day 228 - 236, Sunday to Sunday

    Sunday, day 228 - I spent most of today doing school planning.  It is a good thing I really love to do that because it dominates my day.  I did take a few minutes to do my inchie.  As I said, I can't leave this challenge out.  It is so simple and so much fun.  The word was lamp.  I wish the scan showed how pretty and sparkly this turned out.  Trust me, it sparkles.

     Monday, day 229 - Made by Joey's challenge is to use the tangle, kozy.  I put it in my notebook ages ago, but never really used it.  I had some fun with it this afternoon while supper cooked.   I used's string #170 to tangle on.  Not really complicated, however it was fun.

     Tuesday, day 230 - Okay, I love technology.  I love the fact that my teaching career made it to some of the cool things we can now use.  But when you spend half (or more) of a day battling internet issues, machines that won't hook up, and getting no help whatsoever, give me a chalkboard and some dusty old chalk.  Seriously.  It has been one major headache.  And to top it off, I simple had to give up and quit because I could not solve the problem.  With no one to help me, I was out of luck.  Yep.  I am frustrated.  I needed to work on some MAJOR zen.  This piece is not for any challenge.  It is just for my sanity.  It is so I won't hurt someone!  (smile).

     Wednesday, day 231 - Today was better.  I didn't use anything more high tech than a stapler!  I won't do that every day, but hey, I was determined to have a better day.  This afternoon I worked on the New to Me challenge (Suzy Mosh).  Great challenge.  We had to use a new tangle that begins with the letter U and a tangle or two by Jane Monk.  I chose to use a tangle called umbra and also trimonds by Jane Monk.  Then I just felt like some coloring . . . 

     Thursday, day 232 - It has been a very rainy week.  Which we needed badly.  However rainy day recesses are rough.  The kids want to be outside so much.  I tangled a bit after supper this evening.  I worked on the Diane Clancy challenge.  The letters we had to use were KAT.  I went with two rather unfamiliar tangles - axlexa and ta-da.  They are ones I have very limited use of.  Then finished up with one of my favorite go-to tangles - keeko.  I have to say I am not too fond of this tile.  First I made a "boo-boo" and had to add some black to cover a spot. Then the tangles themselves don't' seem to work so well together.  Wish I had more time this evening to do it over but I will just keep repeating "there are no mistakes"!

     Friday, day 233 - The Suzy Mosh Tangle Me 3 challenge was to use the tangle linq in three different ways. 

     Saturday, day 234 - Margaret Bremner has a tangle based on those huge wind generators called windfarm.  This was our tangle to use for Square One challenge.  I added some tipple and betweed.

     Sunday, day 235 - Again??  I nearly missed Adele Bruno's string challenge!  How could I?  It is one of my favorites.  I guess I just got so busy with school work this week, I forgot to check.  Hope this isn't too late to make her list, but here goes anyway.

     I know this looks like a ton of art work.  It really is just 15 - 30 minutes each evening.  Not long, but some needed relaxing time.   Thank you for dropping by!  Have a wonderful day!


  1. love all the work you did this week. for not having alot of time you did so much!

  2. I do admire you for keeping up ll those days! You are a bit too hard on yourself about the Alphabet Challenge, I think it's quite pretty.

  3. Your K-A-T is fun!! The solid black gives it a dramatic feel - no mistakes :) :) Your Kozy is very sweet and kozy - very pretty!! I love your sanity piece - very cool!! Yes technology is wonderful and can be so frustrating!!

    Your New to Me U is light and lovely - the color is perfect!! :) Your LinQ tangle is wonderful!! Just dancing!! Your string challenges are fine!! Thank you for joining in!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  4. Wonderful work! You did a great job on the TM3 Linq variations.


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