Sunday, August 30, 2015

Days 237 - 242

   Monday, day 237 - First things first - a HUGE happy birthday to my brother who is my very best friend!!  Now on to a bit of tangling.  I worked on the challenge for Diane Clancy's site.  Our tangles had to begin with the letters P, I, J.  I used peanuckle, inerweave, and jajazz.

   Tuesday, day 238 - I am so loving this group of kiddos.  They are just precious.  Worked on my inchie this afternoon.  I didn't have a lot of time since I wanted to get some work on my lesson plans.  The word for Every Inchie Monday was "pavillion".

   Wednesday, day 239 - Suzy Mosh's New to Me challenge and the letter P!  I used the tangles PTWA and partners.

   Thursday, day 240 - This has been such a busy week so far.  I got a new student at school.  Cute little fellow.  But new students mean a bit more work to get them settled in.  I spent a few moments on Made by Joey's challenge to use the tangle linq.  I had used that one last week for another challenge so it was sort of hard to be too original.  I like this tangle alright, but it doesn't seem to give me a huge amount of choices.

   Friday, day 241 - Adele Bruno's string celebrates an anniversary for the movie "The Wizard of Oz".  One of my absolute favorite movies.  I have seen it a gazillion time - at least.  Of course when I was small, every time the wicked witch came on I would hide my eyes!  She terrified me!

   Saturday, day 242 - I played around with two challenges today.  I did Tangle Me 3.  We had to use the tangle "kinetic" and found the easiest way for me to vary this one was size.  The other tile was for Square One using yincut.  I love yincut - it is one of my favorites!  I also used the newest string from #172.

   Thanks for dropping by!  I will "see" you next week, UNLESS I can get some posts written this week along the way. . . yeah, sure.  Have a wonderful day!!


  1. you have been busy, love all of the work you did, the top one is my favorite! I love the inchie as well. love the colors in it

  2. Wow what a busy week I don't know how you fit it in with all your work as well. I love the way you drew the three tiles one on top of the others in the first tile. Clever idea

  3. I do like your interpretation on the alphabet challenge.

  4. I am always amazed at what you create in a week! They are all so lovely, thank you for sharing your LinQ with my readers!
    ~ joey ~

  5. Cathy, what a cool way you did P-I-J with the overlapping tiles!! Lovely!! I love the color on your P and super love Linq!! Your others are all lovely too!! :) :) Thank you for joining in!!

    ~ Diane Clancy


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