Saturday, August 8, 2015

Days 217 - 220, Officially summer has ended

     Day 217 was the first day of teacher in-service.   Long hours of meetings and more hard labor than I have done all summer.  By the end of the day, exhaustion had set in.  Not to mention weary feet and legs.  On the bright side, I have two very nice bulletin boards to show for my day! 
     I can tell school work has begun because I now have to pick and choose which challenge I can get to.  I really enjoy all of them and I hate to not get to them.  But for day 218 I really wanted to do Adele Bruno's string challenge.  The string was just too cute to pass up.
     Diane Clancy does a really nice alphabet challenge.  We had to use tangles that begin with the letters BEZ.  I used boomerang, betweed, basketweave, emingle, zurli, and ziabolic.  Lots of relaxing fun for day 219.
    Day 220 and I am officially tired.  I really don't have a lot of creative energy.  I have some things I could work on and may do so later.  Right now, I just wanted to "chill".  So I pulled out my new coloring book (the one I am in!) and decided to just color.  Very zen.  Very peaceful.  I am so glad coloring books are "in fashion" for adults, because I have always enjoyed coloring. I plan on doing a review of this book but for now I will just show the cover.  I also hope to have a link on this site in case you would like to purchase it. 
      Well, I actually got this written.  Now I think I will color some more.  Tomorrow I will work on a few things and get some more school things done before returning on Monday.  Kiddos come on Wednesday.  I can't wait to meet my cuties!  Oh I will show you their characters on the door in my next post!
     Have a wonderful blessed day!  Thanks for coming by!


  1. sorry to hear taht your summer is over :( I love the candles, they look awesome. Also I am going to look for this book. Awesome that you are in it!

  2. Pretty tiles! The D&C tile has totally different letter tangles then the ones I used. Fun.

  3. Your bulletin boards are lovely!! Your string challenge is very cool!! Your B-E-Z is very cool!! And we were able to add another Z (ziabolic) to our Pinterest board - thank you!! I love the flow and grace of your entry!! Good luck at school!! Thank you for joining in!!

    ~ Diane Clancy


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