Sunday, October 26, 2014

Astrobrights Paper Review

     Warning - the brightness of this paper may cause you to need sunglasses! 
      I love paper.  I collect pretty paper for use in my scrapbooks and at school.  So when I opened this box of paper, all I could do was gasp.  It is so bright and . . .  well, flashy.  I love it and I knew immediately my kids at school would love it. 
     My first use was to take some of the cardstock to school and print some task cards for a center.  By using several different colors the pieces to each center could be kept separate.  The kids loved it!  They went on and on about how pretty and bright it was.  I did not have any trouble with using it to run through our copier.  It didn't jam the copier and the ink printed nice and bold despite the color.  I didn't use the dark blue cardstock to print cards on because I was unsure if it would show up.
     After that I tried using it with my Cricut personal cutter to make some bookmarks for my class.  Again it worked very nicely and did not cause the blade to "grab" the way some of my papers do.  The bookmarks (for Halloween) are going to be a great surprise!
     I also cut some of the cardstock into pieces to use to to my tangling on.  The ink holds up well and again I like the boldness.  It also looks great when using gel or glitter pens.  I also like that the both the paper and the cardstock are smooth writing surfaces.  No grabbing my pen as I worked.
     Go to this link to check out the astrobright line of paper and cardstock.  I don't think you will be disappointed in the quality - or the brightness!!
Heavy cardstock minus the yellow

Astrobright high quality paper

Some really great bookmarks!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Every Inchie Monday - ungual

      Webster's dictionary here I come!  I had no idea what an ungual was.  It is a nail - toe nail or animal's nail.  This EIM sure teaches me some new vocabulary!  There should be a way to use this idea in my classroom . . . maybe I will think on that.
     I also had some time to play with my Square One Facebook challenge.  the challenge was to use fengle.   I love that tangle, but like someone else said it is a hard one to tie in with other tangles or to a string. 

     When my brother and I were small there was this game called Barrel of Monkeys.  It was sort of a pick up sticks type game where you had to see how many monkeys you could pick up by connecting their arms and feet.  The whole time I was drawing I could not get this game out of my head - they remind me of the monkeys!
      I missed a couple of challenges this week.  I always hate to do that since they are so much fun, but school work and some other stresses seemed to have sapped a lot of my energy.  Maybe I can get back on track.  Have a blessed day and thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

A "Few" Challenges

     I have become a Sunday blogger!  I get things finished during the week sometimes, but never find the time to sit and write.  Oh well, better late than never.
     I finished the Every Inchie Monday for tomorrow (early, I might add).  The word is "thistle".  I think those purple flowers are so gorgeous.  I can't possibly think of them as weeds.  They are just too pretty. 
     I worked on Adele Bruno's string challenge this week.  I think the tile looks a bit empty but I like it.  Sometimes I have a tendency to overwork a tile or piece.  I just don't seem to know when to quit.
String Challenge #60
    Diva's challenge this past week was to do a blind string.  I placed my pencil on the edge of the paper, closed my eyes and took off!  This is a fun challenge.  It also helps me to produce strings that are not always so similar. 
Challenge #187
     For one of my facebook groups, we had to use the tangle "pendrils".  I like this tangle.  It is sort of addicting though.  Once you get started you can't seem to stop.  I think it looks pretty cool combined with n'zeppel.

     And last but not least, I worked on a submission in a vellum sketch book by Clearprint.  You can use any type of art (of course, I chose tangling) and do one page.  Then you send it back to the company and they send it out to the next person.  I was a bit unsure about drawing on vellum, but now that I have - oh, I love that paper!  Also it sort of shook my confidence when I saw the first page - that artist was awesome.  But I forged ahead and did my page.
     I used a Ben Kwok template and modified it some (very easy to do with vellum). 
     Guess I shall open the school books.  Papers to grade and a notebook to work on.  Have a wonderfully blessed day and thanks for dropping by!