Sunday, October 5, 2014

A "Few" Challenges

     I have become a Sunday blogger!  I get things finished during the week sometimes, but never find the time to sit and write.  Oh well, better late than never.
     I finished the Every Inchie Monday for tomorrow (early, I might add).  The word is "thistle".  I think those purple flowers are so gorgeous.  I can't possibly think of them as weeds.  They are just too pretty. 
     I worked on Adele Bruno's string challenge this week.  I think the tile looks a bit empty but I like it.  Sometimes I have a tendency to overwork a tile or piece.  I just don't seem to know when to quit.
String Challenge #60
    Diva's challenge this past week was to do a blind string.  I placed my pencil on the edge of the paper, closed my eyes and took off!  This is a fun challenge.  It also helps me to produce strings that are not always so similar. 
Challenge #187
     For one of my facebook groups, we had to use the tangle "pendrils".  I like this tangle.  It is sort of addicting though.  Once you get started you can't seem to stop.  I think it looks pretty cool combined with n'zeppel.

     And last but not least, I worked on a submission in a vellum sketch book by Clearprint.  You can use any type of art (of course, I chose tangling) and do one page.  Then you send it back to the company and they send it out to the next person.  I was a bit unsure about drawing on vellum, but now that I have - oh, I love that paper!  Also it sort of shook my confidence when I saw the first page - that artist was awesome.  But I forged ahead and did my page.
     I used a Ben Kwok template and modified it some (very easy to do with vellum). 
     Guess I shall open the school books.  Papers to grade and a notebook to work on.  Have a wonderfully blessed day and thanks for dropping by! 


  1. great artwork here. I like the minimalist tangle and your inchie is very pretty. I love purple flowers too!

  2. I like all your challenge responses, The Pendril and 'Nzeppel are great together. I think the color of the thistles are great, but I tend to think of them as exaggerated dandelions. And, their roots go really deep, once their there that's it.

  3. Wow and more WOW. I love the string challenge piece; it's absolutely not too empty, it's just good this way. The others are beautiful too. Have a great (work) week.

  4. All your pieces are so cool and well balanced. Like you I also tend to over a piece.

  5. Beautiful artwork! That last piece on vellum is stunning. What a great idea to tangle on vellum. I always learn so much here.

  6. I love all your tangles etc, they are a bit of a mystery to me :-) and such a cute thistle too!


  7. Great inchie, and wonderful zentangles. Love the one you did for the book.

  8. Really nice work but I love your thistle the best. I wonder who decided that it was a weed? I think it is so pretty.

  9. such great detailed work. love them all

  10. Great collection of art you have produced this week. I particularly like the piece on vellum; whoever ends up with the book should be proud to have that included. And remember: a weed is just the wrong plant in the wrong place. A thistle over there is beautiful. A thistle over here will take over the yard. Have a brilliant day! c


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