Saturday, October 18, 2014

Every Inchie Monday - ungual

      Webster's dictionary here I come!  I had no idea what an ungual was.  It is a nail - toe nail or animal's nail.  This EIM sure teaches me some new vocabulary!  There should be a way to use this idea in my classroom . . . maybe I will think on that.
     I also had some time to play with my Square One Facebook challenge.  the challenge was to use fengle.   I love that tangle, but like someone else said it is a hard one to tie in with other tangles or to a string. 

     When my brother and I were small there was this game called Barrel of Monkeys.  It was sort of a pick up sticks type game where you had to see how many monkeys you could pick up by connecting their arms and feet.  The whole time I was drawing I could not get this game out of my head - they remind me of the monkeys!
      I missed a couple of challenges this week.  I always hate to do that since they are so much fun, but school work and some other stresses seemed to have sapped a lot of my energy.  Maybe I can get back on track.  Have a blessed day and thanks for dropping by.


  1. very nice inchie - I agree - every inchie Monday sure teaches you a lot of things. Your fengle tiles are great - I remember barrel of monkeys!

  2. Brilliant drawing all around, especially the thumb.

  3. Love your interpretation of the inchie theme. Great job on the tangles I think they look like monkeys as well


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