Sunday, October 26, 2014

Astrobrights Paper Review

     Warning - the brightness of this paper may cause you to need sunglasses! 
      I love paper.  I collect pretty paper for use in my scrapbooks and at school.  So when I opened this box of paper, all I could do was gasp.  It is so bright and . . .  well, flashy.  I love it and I knew immediately my kids at school would love it. 
     My first use was to take some of the cardstock to school and print some task cards for a center.  By using several different colors the pieces to each center could be kept separate.  The kids loved it!  They went on and on about how pretty and bright it was.  I did not have any trouble with using it to run through our copier.  It didn't jam the copier and the ink printed nice and bold despite the color.  I didn't use the dark blue cardstock to print cards on because I was unsure if it would show up.
     After that I tried using it with my Cricut personal cutter to make some bookmarks for my class.  Again it worked very nicely and did not cause the blade to "grab" the way some of my papers do.  The bookmarks (for Halloween) are going to be a great surprise!
     I also cut some of the cardstock into pieces to use to to my tangling on.  The ink holds up well and again I like the boldness.  It also looks great when using gel or glitter pens.  I also like that the both the paper and the cardstock are smooth writing surfaces.  No grabbing my pen as I worked.
     Go to this link to check out the astrobright line of paper and cardstock.  I don't think you will be disappointed in the quality - or the brightness!!
Heavy cardstock minus the yellow

Astrobright high quality paper

Some really great bookmarks!

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