Saturday, November 1, 2014


      As I probably have mentioned before (maybe more than once), I am a very linear person - at least in lots of respects.  If given a list of things to do, I will generally start at the top and go in an order down the list.  It frustrates me not to be able to accomplish tasks - even ones that I put in front of myself.  All that being said, I have had to give myself "permission" to not finish or even do a challenge.  You have no idea how hard that is on my linear system.  Seriously.  Missing a post on the Diva Challenge or Every Inchie Monday bugs me to no end.  But school work this year is overwhelming - so many new and different things we are responsible for.  My time is chopped up into tiny segments of free time, very tiny.  So I apologize for this post being sooooo long, but I am posting all those things I have completed, but not gotten to write about. 
      I love Every Inchie Monday.  I intend on doing every inchie.  I also cannot help but do them in order even if I am given the entire list for the year.  (Remember the linear glitch?)  I missed last week's word - umbra.  So here is last week and this week's post. 

     Now for the Diva's challenge.  I actually missed 2 of those!  Drives me crazy!  Last week we had to use pink in honor of Diva's grandmother who had breast cancer.  While cancer is prominent in my family, it has been other types.  But cancer is still cancer.  The whole time I was working on this tile, I was thinking of one of my teaching partners.  She has a sister who is fighting this fight.  I said a lot of prayers for them both.
    This week's Diva Challenge was to use the tangle betweed in a monotangle.  I love, love, love betweed!  It is one of my absolute favorites. 
     Now . . .  I am "caught up".  Oh, unless you count the eleven - really, 11!! - Journal 52 pages I am behind in.  And then there is the tile swap I need to work on.  What about Christmas presents?  And that craft show?!  Oh dear!  Okay, Cathy, take a deep breath and give yourself permission to only do what you want to do and have time to do.  (There is a little tiny voice saying "but I want to do them all" that I am trying to ignore).
     Thanks for finding time to drop by.  I don't get to visit and comment like I want to during school.  So on holidays I try to get to my favorite sites and check everything out.  But I value your comments and time.  Have a blessed day!  I think I shall go and . . . create something! 


  1. bwahahahahaha! you are going to make yourself go nuts! love it! what is inchie monday?

  2. two great inchies - your umbra is the true sense of the word - lovely coloured veggies - they look edible! Your two Diva tangles are also very nice - love how the betweed seems to swirl. do give yourself a break - a teacher's life is not her own - I'm on long term disability, but I remember how intense it is.

  3. A lot of beautiful work you show here. Try to relax a bit, Cathy and do what you want to do. I know (a bit) of your linear feeling, but I try to let go more and more. Have a blessed Sunday too.

  4. Oh, Cathy, I think we can all relate to your dilemma. So much to do, and so little time. Yes, relax. This isn't a job or a race, just an enjoyable part of life that you do when you need to step off the race track. I like your little Inchies, Your pink/cancer tile is stunning, and that Betweed is gorgeous. All worth waiting for :)

  5. A bunch of fun and beautiful work! Just breathe now, and relax a bit! :)

  6. I understand what you are saying, I started doing inchies in 2012 in April, but I had to go back and do all the ones I missed even though they were all for me since I did not show them to the group LOL I just cant start in the middle or miss one. I love what all you have done. great stuff

  7. Really, really love your betweed tile. Give yourself a break if you can. I know that's easy to say, but keep it in the back of your mind when you're overwhelmed. Duchess says, let it go. (grin)


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