Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Challenging Week and Some Challenges of the Fun Sort

     I am trying hard not to be frustrated. It is sort of working.  At least at times.  As a teacher I get paid once a month.  The first of October I called my mortgage company and had them set up my monthly payment for Oct. 31.  The very nice and helpful lady said would I like  her to set one up for Nov. 30.  Sure. Would save me time and trouble.  The first of November rolled around and the payment for Oct. was removed and we set about paying our usual monthly bills and such.  Then it got to be Nov. 3rd and guess what the most helpful folks at Greentree did - removed a SECOND payment.  (Anyone notice a place value problem here - 30 . 3 ?)  I didn't notice until I got a call from my bank telling me I was a bit overdrawn - to the tune of around $400!!  Oh my word!
    Of course if I send them the proper paper work, a few teeth, some blood and the deed to my soul, they will willingly correct their mistake (the mortage company).  In a timely fashion - it has been 7 days.  This is an electronic withdrawal so how hard can that be?  My bank has said they will put back the overdraft fees, but not until the mortgage company does their number.  In the meantime, they are happily assessing more overdraft fees.  I am being ignored on the phone to the house company and then when I did get someone, they "promised" me to have it cleared up by Friday evening.  Nope.  Not yet.
     I needed these few zen moments quite a lot today.  One could say I was desperate to chill.  To top it off, it has been a difficult week at school.  My kiddos are fine, but there is a bit of a personality conflict with my student teacher.  But I won't go there.  Enough whining.
      Every Inchie Monday's word was "weapon".  I tried to find a tiny toy gun.  I then attempted to draw a sword.  I asked my brother for suggestions and being the very clever person he is, he quickly said "do a pen".  Well duh!  How cute was that?!  Afterall the pen is mightier than the sword.  That may be the case but I think I would rather have a sword in hand than a pen when dealing with the folks mentioned above!
The pen is mightier than the sword

      Diva had another great guest challenger this week.  We were to use the three tangles - trio, huggins, and xyp.  They spell THX.  As in thanks to all the veterans and others in our lives.

      This last piece is for my facebook group, Square One Tangle.  Well, not my group, but one I am loving being a part of.

       I suppose it is time to shut the computer down and call it a day.  I am hoping everything will be resolved at the beginning of the week.  There are things I need and all my funds are "blissfully" tied up in this mess.  And I suppose if it isn't, I need to remember that God indeed has a plan.
     Thanks for dropping by and I hope you have a blessed day!


  1. With your pen as a weapon and your humor as a shield you can conquer anything! I love all your pieces and especially like the pen as a weapon. Remember David won!

  2. ooooooh...those mistakes made by big companies can really be painful....because they are so hard to track down. My energy/prayers are going your direction! Hoping the zen work has given some certainly looks beautifully peaceful!

  3. May you find peace and resolution this week. I know what it's like to plan one thing for your finances and have something totally different happen. Your tiles are lovely, really like the colors on the Diva challenge.

  4. oh I wish I had thought of the pen weapon - great idea. Fellow teacher sympathies - I know how you feel - sometimes it's the things outside of the classroom that make it such a challenge, nevermind your financial woes. great tiles too.

  5. Sorry for the crappy money part of your week. banks/ money people are good at making ure they make money off of you before they have to pay you. I love all your zias, so cool. But I adore the inchie! What an awesome take on the theme!

  6. Lots of people are confronted with errors made by (too?) big companies and the trouble it takes to get things right again, also her in the Netherlands. Sorry to hear it id hit you.
    I love the humor of your brother and your tiles are great. Hope this week will make up for the past one.

  7. Excellent pen. I hope your challenges this week are easier to solve!

  8. Gorgeous inchie, love it! Yep, bureaucracy sucks. Shhhhh, don't tell anyone - I work at a bank. But, have nothing to do with mortgages or finances or customers at all. Still....... who'd ever thought I'd end up working for bank.........

  9. Oh Cathy, I'm feeling your pain! I totally understand your situation, and hope that it will get resolved ASAP and i believe they should give you some perks for a lll the stress they have caused!!! Hahaha, right? Those kind of thing happened in the old days when they did anything to make the customer happy. Now a days the customer gets treated like, *'#*^%. Anyway, it's frustrating when you can't even get areal person on the line. Whew, I said, I feel your pain! Well, hang in there and keep remembering that God will take care of things.
    I love your Inchie, by the way! Amazing artwork!
    ((((hugs))))) to you and a ray of sunshine your way!!!!
    Annette :0)

  10. Cathy, I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this kind of garbage. I'm sure you are ready to go do something wicked with that pen, and you should! I don't know how you still did such nice work anyway :) Hugs!


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