Friday, November 28, 2014


     I am blessed with a week off work for the holidays.  After the last few weeks, I needed this.  All the house mess I mentioned in the last post and the stress of working with a student teacher that needed a lot of help - yep, the week off was appreciated.  I also got to spend lots of time tangling and doing other artsy things.  And of course, the added bonus of sleeping in, isn't a bad blessing either.  It appears the house company has taken care of the problems they created.  The bank has cleaned up their end of the mess.  There are some issues with insurance as a result of the fallout from all this, but even that may turn into a blessing. 
     Another biggie for me this week?  I went over to interweave and got a copy of the book that has my art work in it!!!  I still can't wait to hold the paper copy, but it was awesome just the same.  I will write a full review with pictures when I get the book. 
     Using the tangle assunta was my facebook group's challenge.  Whew!  That is a beautiful tangle - when done by someone else.  I struggle with it.  I could not follow the steps on the Zentangle website.  They confused me.  So I went to one of my favorite tangler's sites - Ellen Wolters.  She does awesom videos.  So clear and easy to follow.  She used a grid to do assunta instead of these little dashes.  After I got comfortable with the grid, I released it from the grid.  It reminds me of a mistletoe ball or maybe that is my holiday spirit kicking in!
      Diva's challenge (or rather guest challenge) was so much fun.  I plan to play with this idea some more in my sketch book.  We were asked to take a tangle that usually went into a grid and draw it without the grid - or take a "free" tangle and contain it into a grid.  Cool, cool idea!  My favorite tangle is n'zeppel.  So along with emingle, I set them free! 
     Adele Bruno's string challenge was lots of fun too!  I loved the string and all four of the tangles she asked us to use.  Something about this tile though reminds me of the scene where the train is traveling over the mountains in the children's book - The Polar Express.  Okay, I know that is strange, but it does.  Seriously. 
      I wish I had had a more spectacular thought for my inchie this week.  But I didn't.  The word was "x-axis".  Pretty lame, huh?  Oh well, next week will be better.  Or not.  Have you seen the word we are supposed to use?!  Help!!
     Finally got this written.  The computer and the internet were not being very nice to each other today.  My brother said it is because all the world went out on Black Friday and bought new internet devices and caused a "traffic jam".  Probably.  But surely there was room on that huge web for little ol' me. 
      Hope you are having a blessed day!  Stay safe and healthy and see you next time!!


  1. That is some awesome tangling, especially Assunta! Graphs are not lame! :D Must be nice to have some rest.

  2. some beautiful work! Glad you got the time off to be able to play around, you deserve it and I do like the inchie. This one and next weeks are hard! Time to stretch the brain for sure!

  3. All you did is very pretty!!! 'Nzepple is great after being freed.

  4. This has been fun to see ideas of how perhaps to use tangles differently! AND I really like your string challenge design.

  5. I'm happy to hear that things are going in a better direction for you. I'm also happy you got to spend some time playing and making beautiful art. All are wonderful and I especially like the n'Zepple and Emingle being freed!

  6. I am so glad your bank issue was resolved. I did the same thing you did with Assunta, I will be posting mine later. Your It's A String Thing challenge response is lovely. I think most of us did the graph for the x-axis. Lovely work this week.

  7. These are great. Asunta is hard. You did a beautiful job with it. And so glad this week is better than last week for you (damned banks). Onwards and upwards.


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