Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Days 180 - 182

    I have got to stop having to do so many posts and link ups each time I sit down to blog.  Yeah, like that is going to happen.  But it did sound really good and progressive, didn't it? 
     Day 180, I worked on Suzy Mosh's New to Me challenge.  We had to use a new tangle and it needed to start with the letter N.  We also had to use a tangle by Neil Burley.  I love his stuff.  It is very complicated and mathematical looking - but not once he breaks it down.  Fun!  Just so happens I found a tangle that starts with an N, nabu, and also is one of his!  I also added a nzeppel border.  That is not a new one - it is a favorite go to one.
     Also today I worked on the Made by Joey challenge.  Another letter of the alphabet had to be used - D.  It didn't have to be a new tangle but it is sort of.  I used Dugwud for this monotangle.
       Tuesday was a busy day and I didn't have a lot of time for art work.  I did work in Diva's challenge for day 181.  It was monotangle with tipple.  That for me was sort of hard.  So I used color to help separate the spaces and make the flower show up.  I needed the rhythm of this rather mindless tangle.  Bill paying day and the first of the month hassle is always a headache. 
     I am sure I have mentioned how much I love Carol Ohl's Tangle-A-Day calendar.  I use this space to do challenges or try new tangles or just jot my thoughts down, sort of like a diary.  On day 182, Wednesday, I finished this page.  The large white unfinished space is for some diary type notes that I didn't want to show.  The rest were spaces I used to try out some tangles that I used up above or just play.
    The last two photos were other things I did today.  I worked and finished my math bulletin board for school.  The photos are not very clear, but I decided on a western theme.  Lots of cowboy stuff.  It should be really cute.  One board down and 3 more to cut. 

     Well, "pardner"  thanks for dropping by.  I hope you have a wonderful day!!


  1. Wow you have been busy. Your calendar sounds and looks great. Clever use of colour with the tipple and I like the soft purple and greens in your first tile. Good luck with your cowboy stuff

  2. You've been busy! I like the colors in your TNTM tile. Thanks for being part of the challenge this week and good luck in the raffle!

  3. All are lovely! Especially I like the journal page!

  4. Great use of Nabu - love the tile border too. Thanks for joining in the challenge, and good luck in the draw :)


  5. Everything is wonderful as always! Your Dugwud reminds me of a piece of fabric sort of scrunched up. I love how the tangle fits into the shapes that the string creates. Your sketch book looks fantastic as well!
    Thanks for participating!
    ~ joey ~

  6. Oh, you ran with Nabu for the N challenge. I dinked around with it, but couldn't get it right for the life of me...But what a lovely piece you ended up with. It looks like an actual tile, like from a backsplash or something. And the dugwud piece...that wonky grid and your shading in pink...looks good!


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