Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Days 194 and 195

     The skies are gray today.  It is still hot outside, but now it is muggy too.  Perhaps it will rain this afternoon.  I don't mind that as long as it doesn't storm.  I don't like storms.  I used to spend weekends with my grandmother as a child.  She was absolutely terrified of storms.   I think that rubbed off on me.  And while I wouldn't say terrified, they do still make me very uncomfortable. 
     On to some tangling.  Yesterday, day 194, I worked on two different pieces.  Both of them are for challenges over at Susy Mosh's site.  The New to Me challenge was to do a new tangle beginning with the letter W and a tangle by artist Erin Olsen.  I used the tangles whistler and woven.  Woven reminded me why I didn't use it since putting it into my notebook - yikes, that was a pain!  I also chose to use midoosa by Erin.  That one was fun. 
      Ixorus is one of my favorite tangles.  I always make sure to teach it to my art club.  It fills areas nicely and has such a pretty rhythm.  For Susy's other challenge we had to use just ixorus, but come up with some tangleations.  I had never played with varying this tangle much.  But I had some fun changing the half circles to triangles and boxes. 
      Today is day 195.  Wow!  My journal is big enough that I can draw two tiles on each page.  When I was doing the ixorus yesterday, I used the bottom "tile" to wipe off my blender marker.  I really don't know why I chose to scribble all over that page and when I finished it wasn't all that great a background.  Rather than ignore it, I decided to use it and see what could come of it.  Diva's challenge was to keep it simple, lots of space, one or two tangles, just simple.  Joey's Made by Joey challenge was to use florz in a monotangle.  How about the two combined?  Over a very haphazard background?  Yep.  That will do. 
     I also spent some time this afternoon coloring in an "adult" coloring book.  (I always think that sounds a bit silly).  I won it a few weeks ago and just now decided to try it out.  I will post pictures when I finish a page or two.  It is relaxing to just sit and color.  Have a wonderfully blessed day!


  1. Love your Ixorus, the colour really adds interest to it and clever to blend the colours where they change on the straight lines. Ha,ha, what fun to tangle over the scribbled paper

  2. Lovely work. I particularly like what you did with Ixorus. It's always fun to push a tangle just a bit!

  3. Terrific.It's kinda fun when two challenges come together on one tile, and you've done it VERY well here. The scribbly background works well, due to the harmonious palette, and the florez is SO flowery, like some tropical flower with huge blossoms. and the ixorus page is very impressive. i like it all!

  4. All three tiles are wonderful! I especially like your colorful Ixorus. Thanks for being part of my challenges!

  5. You could have just said the colorful swooshes on your Joey/Diva tile were parts of your grand plan..We would never have known the difference! It really is a cool effect.


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