Saturday, July 18, 2015

Days 196 - 198

    First of all let me say "THANK YOU" to everyone who has left me such wonderful comments over these long posts.  Your encouragement and friendship is very much appreciated.
     Day 196 - One day I will own nice colored pencils.  But for now my trusty school friend, Crayola, will have to do.  I have been enjoying coloring in a coloring book I won and decided for today's art I woulddo my own design to color.  I really enjoyed playing with this sort of square mandala.

     Adele Bruno's string challenge was to use the tangles LG and rixty.  At first I wasn't too sure how to make them work.  But honestly, I love how it turned out.  Great for day 197.

     Today is a good day to stay inside and chill.  No place to go.  Nothing I want to do.  Notice I did not say there wasn't anything I NEEDED to do.  There is of course housework.  Eeeew!  Compared with art time- uh, not gonna happen.  I decided to do one of the Journal52 pages I am behind in.  At least one.  Before this is posted, I may actually finish both of them.  We will see.  Here is day 198.

      Today my city - Chattanooga was devastated.  I am sure you read about it.  Four marines lost their life today and others were injured.  It is always scary to hear aout things like this, but when it is so close to home, it gets even scarier.  We do frequent business just a few doors down from the site.  We even considered going up there today, but decided to be "lazy" and go on Monday.  While I doubt I would have been in harm's way - I would have been scared to death!
     Thank you for dropping by and sending me some sunshine.   If you could combine your sunshine with a bit of cooler weather, that would be just fine.  Have a blessed day! Hugs to all!  Please say a prayer for Chattanooga.  Thanks.

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  1. Loved the work you have posted! And the ideas of the holes! Loved what you did with Adele Bruno's challenge! Most of all my thoughts and prayers go out for those packed by what has happened in your city. My prayers for your nation as well!


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