Saturday, March 4, 2017

That’s a joke, I say that’s a joke son

    Just in case you don't know who said the title to this blogpost, head over to this link - Foghorn Leghorn cartoons and have a few minutes fun watching this rooster in action.  He absolutely cracks me up.  The Every Inchie word this week was "rooster" and who better than old Foghorn to help me out. 
      Made by Joey's letter was I.  I had a bit of trouble finding other tangles that started with an I (that I liked).  But here it is.

    I even made it to Diva's challenge #305.  This was a duo challenge using marasu and molygon.  I really like marasu, but molygon not so much. 
     This has been a long week.  Lots of things going on.  We missed a day in the middle of the week due to the threat of storms - fortunately nothing happened around here.  I feel blessed for that.  I also did not mind the "extra" day off. 
      Ahead of me is lots of packing and cleaning my classroom.  Sorting through nearly 40 years of stuff is overwhelming! I like most people in education am a "packrat", saving things from probably my first day of teaching. 
     Have a wonderful day and see you next week!


  1. Hi, Kathy,

    You did a great job with ol' Foghorn Leghorn...and thanks for posting the link to his quote cartoons. I went to it and watched all 13 minutes, and am ashamed to say that the only time I laughed out loud was when Foghorn himself got hurt, lol. Anyway...

    Really like your Icanthis a lot. Like you, tho, I have problems with molygon, and do ok with Marasu.

    Hope you get everything cleaned out of your classroom, and when you finally walk away from it, I hope you enjoy being retired as much as I do.


  2. Beautiful work! Happy Sunday!

  3. Love your rooster and the tangles. Enjoy your retirement.

  4. Nice artwork and good luck with your packing!

  5. I remember watching these cartoons as a kid. Foghorn leghorn was so odd and funny


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