Saturday, April 1, 2017

Yahoo! Spring Break begins!

    After school yesterday, my principal came by the room.  I was sitting there finishing up a few things and waiting on my ride.  He poked his head in and said that this was the last spring break I would have - enjoy!  Hadn't thought of that.  But it was a very nice thought.
     I worked on several challenges this week but didn't have time to post til now.  The first one was my challenge piece for Made by Joey - the letter M.  I used the tangles Mi2, matu, measles, and miander. 

     The inchie challenge was to do a peacock.  I really would have loved to do that fantastic array of feathers, but could not seem to make it work.  At least not for me.  So mine is a bit more subdued.  In my searching for a pic to reference, I found out you can order a baby peacock to have as a pet!  I thought that was interesting.  Do they make good pets?  I haven't a clue.  They seem like an unusual pet for sure.

      Gems have taken over the tangle world.  So naturally I have to play with them.  Later on today I plan to work on a tangle page with some gems.  This time I only used one for the Diane Clancy challenge.  We had to use tangles that begin with the letters DEF.  So I chose diya, emigle, flipdown-l, and floral waves.  I really am pleased at how the pink gem turned out.

      Diva's challenge was to use the tangle noom.  I also used 5C aura.  I wasn't sure about noom to start with, but I found myself really enjoying the flow of it.

      Guess I will go and do something else for the day.  Just got a cake out of the oven, all sugar free ingredients so that is nice!  It looks really yummy!  Ahhh, chillin!  Thanks for dropping by,  see you soon!


  1. A cute peacock, I know of people that had one as a "pet" of was often to be seen on the roof of their bungalow! They are rather noisy however.

    Nice assortment of tangles here, just think how many more you'll be able to do when you retire! Enjoy spring break....


  2. A great niche, and your tangles are gorgeous. The gem looks very 3D.

  3. I hope you are enjoying your spring break! Your gem is lovely, and your Noom looks great too! I have heard that peacocks are quite noisy!

  4. Such beautiful tangles and I adore your peacock. To answer your question, they are great watch dogs and are beautiful and I think they eat alot of ticks so that is great. BUT they dont so pretty little chirps, when they do make a call it sounds like bloody murder. I have a neighbor who has 2 of them. One morning at about 6:30 am I heard what sounded like someone was killing someone. I jumped out of bed and ran outside only to see the peacock running out of my yard with my dog chasing it. LOL Enjoy your Spring break

  5. Noom is done so well and the color just right.

  6. Beautiful work! I especially love your coloring. It's so elegant;-)

  7. Love your baby peacock pet - very cute and your tangles are gorgeous I don't know all those patterns but they look complicated!! But work so well. Some great work and enjoy your last spring break!

  8. Lovely little peacock..I like them when they have a large property to roam about, but noisy close up...but they are inquisitive and, like geese, make good watch birds...I used to have geese in my orchard, they didn't like the possums visiting at night and so we ususally shared any fruit that survived ;) Dixx


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