Thursday, April 6, 2017

Second post this week, yikes!

     I just finished up some making some birthday cards and decided to go ahead and post my last few things.  I worked on the Diva challenge.  We had to use the tangle, frunky.  I also used maran.  Then added some color. 
    I also finished up my latest coloring page.  It is from ColorIt's Mandala 2 book.  This one reminded me of Easter.  It usually takes me several days to finish a coloring page.  I take my time and shade and fiddle with every detail.   This one took me 2 days, but I am home a bit more this week.
      Guess I will head out and maybe tangle some more.  See you later and have a good rest of the week!


  1. I'm really enjoying seeing everone's take on Frunky. It's not so difficult to master the basic tangle, so all kinds of creativity is breaking get out---like your use of color. Nice.

  2. Both so very different and yet both so beautiful!

  3. Hi, Kathy,

    Really like your tangle, and the way you've colored it. Great job!

    Your coloring page is spectacular. I love to color, and have some adult coloring books, but most of the time my coloring is limited to my tangles. It amazes me how much better a "bad" tangle looks with color in it, lol.


  4. Nice Frunky, and your coloring page is so pretty!

  5. Love your compositions and the beautiful colors!


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