Saturday, April 15, 2017

Feeling the pain!

    My classroom has nearly 40 years of "stuff" packed into various cupboards and filing cabinets.  In other words lots of things to go through and sort and pack.  My principal gave me the chance to take a few personal days but come in and get started with this chore.  He suggested field trip day and field day - days that the kiddos would be out of the room so I could more easily work.  Very nice suggestion!  So yesterday as my class went on a field trip, I waded through a part of my things - whew!  I emptied my desk, and unloaded two file cabinets.  And torched my back.  I could hardly move last night and this morning wasn't much better.  On the positive side I did accomplish a lot (yep, a lot to go still). 
     The inchie this week was crow.  I can't help thinking mine looks more like a black parakeet, but it is going to have to work.  It is the best I can do.

     The tile for Made by Joey was the letter O.  I used the tangles O2, Ol-birdee, and olin.  I guess I must have been inspired by the wonderful sunshine we have been enjoying.  I love this weather.

     Guess I need to go and do something - like some more drawing . . .  Also time to get my carrot cake cookie bars out of the oven.  If you care to try them, I found them here.  I have never made them so they do not come with a recommendation . . . yet.
     Thanks for dropping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  1. So sorry you hurt your back, and hope it stops hurting soon.

    Your O tile is fantastic, I really like the colors and the two new-to-me O tangles. I think that Olin is going to be a go-to tangle for me now, so thank you.


  2. I think your crow looks very friendly. I hope all goes well with your clear out.

  3. Very sweet crow and nice O with lovely chosen tangles and colours.
    I wish you the best for your back, please take time to rest enough, that is very important (I also had bad experiences with my back)


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