Saturday, April 29, 2017

Inchie Butterfly and the Letter Q

     I have had a super week!  For this time of year and for the week after testing (which usually means the kiddos think it is o.v.e.r.)  they have been so good and worked so hard.  It is weeks like this past one that makes me realize how much I will miss them.  Of course that fact has nothing to do with retirement.  When I spend two years with a group (we loop), it gets very hard to let them go. 
     The inchie this week was a butterfly.  I had fun with this one.  I decided to let it drift out of bounds rather than confine it.
    The only other challenge I may it to this week was the alphabet challenge for Made by Joey's.  It was the letter Q.  There are not a lot of tangles (that I like) that begin with the letter Q.  I had to use Q-belle for the challenge.  So I just added Queen's Crown.  It is not particularly one of my favorites. 
      I have done a lot of coloring this week.  Nothing complete to share though.  I hope you have a wonderful week-end and thank you for dropping by!


  1. Hi, Kathy,

    Really love the Inchie butterfly, great job.

    I also like the Q tangle...the colors make it look happy and ready to have a good time. Good job.


  2. love the Q it looks great, I also love how you let the butterfly drift, beautiful


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