Sunday, March 15, 2015

Day 73 and 74

Day 73

     I had a few minutes to work on the challenge for Square One.  We had to use the tangle "oof".  At first I was a bit put off by a tangle I wasn't too crazy about.  Then the more I played with it the better I liked it.  It has so many ways it can be varied.  I am still exploring variations in my sketch book.

Day 74

     An inch is about all I have for creativity today!  I have a stack of papers to grade that is daunting at best.  But I did work in one tiny bit of creativity.  The word for Every Inchie Monday was "nail".  I wanted to find a tiny nail to glue on my inchie, but could not find one small enough.  So I went with another meaning of nail.  I don't paint my fingernails, but I do admire the beautiful artwork others wear.  It is amazing!
     Guess I better get back to work!  Have a wonderful day. 


  1. love the tangle. feeds my geometrics addiction lol I also dont wear nail polish but my daughter is a nail polish queen, love your take on it. beautiful

  2. What a beautiful nail! Would like to have one like this one.

  3. Love your tangle experiments & I like your nail art too, I paint mine but patterns are more difficult!


  4. Always love your artwork and the nail inchie is amazing

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. Beautiful nail inchie :-) Love the colour.

  6. Great job, Cathy, on both art works! Have a brilliant day! c

  7. Great sketchbook tangled page and inchie!


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