Monday, March 9, 2015

Days 67 and 68

Day 67

    I am slowly feeling better.  I still cough a lot when I change elevations - sitting, standing.  But right now I am on the mend.  I just hope tomorrow and school doesn't zap me.  I don't have a lot of energy.
    I love Suzy Mosh's challenge!  It really forces me to dig around and use some of those tangles I never seem to look at after putting them into the notebook.  Sometimes there are a lot to choose from, sometimes only a few.  The two tangles I chose are "amalea" and "acrosstick".  Obviously the letter was A.  I used acrosstick as my string and nestled amalea into the center boxes.  Kind of cool how it turned out.

Day 68

    Every Inchie Monday's word was Egyptian.  Many, many years ago I purchased a set of Egyptian hieroglyphs stamps.  I have no idea why.  They were just interesting.  On the inside of the set, it shows you how to write your name (and anything else) in hieroglyphs.  The stamps wouldn't fit on the inch, so I had to draw them.  They - supposedly - spell Cathy.  I am not sure how accurate this is since I don't know many ancient Egyptians.  Either way it is kinda fun!
My hieroglyph kit

     Today wasn't quite as bad as I feared.  I am however extremely worn out.  Bet I don't have any trouble sleeping tonight, or right now if I just lay my head on the keyboard!
     Thanks for dropping by and saying hello!  Have a grand week!  Ours looks to be rainy.  I so wish we could have some dry pleasant weather and so does my labbie, Lakota!  He wants to go out and play so badly. 


  1. Love both your inchies and the That's New To Me tile is great.

  2. glad you are getting on the mend! Love both works

  3. Two very clever pieces! Hope you get your strength back soon :-)


  4. Love your inchie and your tile! I'm glad you like the challenge. Thanks for being part of it this week!

  5. Those stamps must be awesome. Great inchie with your name on it. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Your new-to-me-tile is so beautiful. Very nice colour and the pattern looks great!
    Your inchie is a good idea and looks wonderful.

  7. oh there's nothing like a cough to drain you. I'm glad you're feeling better. Love the purple on your challenge tile. Good work.

  8. I'm glad you are on the mend. Great tiles! I too enjoy Suzy's challenge. I enjoy the fact that we have to look for a brand new tangle instead of staying with out old favorites.

  9. Love your inchie and tile! Your hieroglyphic kit looks really cool! Glad you are feeling better.

  10. I doubt any ancient Egyptians were called Cathhy, but a great idea.

  11. Great job you did on your inchie.


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