Saturday, March 7, 2015

Day 64, 65, and 66

Day 64    

 More bad weather today.  I really was hoping for a full five day week.  But in all honesty I am super delighted with today.  I was up all night sick and my head feels like a locomotive is inside it.  About 4 o'clock this morning I was pretty sure I would not be going in.  So when the school cast came and said no school, I nearly cheered.  I am planning on spending the day doing some school work - which I did bring home this time.  I also snuck in a few minutes art.  I still feel rather worn out and I am not sure what I will do tomorrow, but today was a blessing.
    Over at Tickled to Tangle we had three tangles to choose from - daggerly, dl nebula and dutch diamonds.  They are all great tangles but I have struggled putting them into the string we had to use.  Yikes!  This was hard!  I decided to pencil a background of Dutch diamonds to keep it from feeling empty.  What do you think?

   Day 65

      No school for me today.  I feel miserable.  I have coughed all night.  I also have had stomach issues to go with it (which does not go well with violent coughs, if you understand).  I absolutely hate to miss school.  I fight staying out.  But I was just too exhausted.  Fortunately we have a principal who is extremely understanding.  I am sure he doesn't like us to be out but he is never unkind about it.  Just wishes us a speedy recovery.  That is a blessing.  When I first started at this school, the principal would yell into the phone and then slam it down.  Made you feel about 2 inches high and even more miserable than you probably already were.  Don't miss him. 
     The facebook group, Square One, gives us one tangle to focus on each week.  It is to be done in the traditional black and white and on the "correct" tile size, 3.5 x 3.5.  While mine isn't on a tile, it is the right size.  I was finding I had stacks and stacks of loose tiles.  I gave them away, I stored them, but they kept growing.  So I decided to use my Tangle A Day Calendar and a sketch book for all of this year's challenges.  I really like seeing them all together.  The tangle this week was "bunzo".  I like this bold little tangle. 

Day 66

     Still coughing and such, but I am feeling a bit better - awfully tired though.  It was nice to just sit and chill out with art stuff.  Journal52's prompt this week was coloring book.  Okay, I am absolutely "silly" when it comes to opening a brand new box of crayons.  I love the bold colors, the waxy smell, you name it!  It excites as much now as when I was a kiddo.  As a child, I had a huge collection of coloring books.  Every time mom went to the store, my parting comment would be bring me a coloring book!  A great memory is sitting with either mom or dad, me coloring on one page and them on the other.  Sometimes visiting, sometimes just enjoying the time.  Needless to say this journal prompt took me back a few years. 

     I started out by drawing my coloring book page.  Then I colored it using the best (and only, in my opinion) crayons - Crayola.  Next I took my exacto knife and cut away the wrapper to make my "crayons" for the page.  I started to draw them, but I wanted them to look more realistic.  I love this page.  To me it speaks of worry-free times and the joy of having my parents in my life. 
       Might be the cold meds, but my eyes are really watery right now.  Guess I will see you later!  Have a blessed day!  Find a child and color for awhile. 

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  1. Those are all fantastic! I need to free up some time to play with bunzo. I like that tangle.


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