Sunday, March 22, 2015

Days 77 - 81

     Lots of days to enter!  I hate having to do them all at once, but it has been a busy week.  Then weekend arrived and I immediately got sick.  Apparently a stomach virus and much worse than the last round.  I can't decide what I need to do about school tomorrow.  I hate missing,  but I can't seem to hold anything down. 

     Day 77

     This challenge piece was for Made by Joey.  We had to use the tangle "rose" in a sphere.  I decided on phicops (I think) for a string.  I am not so pleased at how it turned out, but overall I guess it is passable.

     Day 78

     For the Tickled to Tangle challenge, I had to use amoeba, arrowheads and antique.  I am okay with this tile.  Maybe it is just my mood but nothing is appealing to me right now.  Sorry.

     Day 79

     Square One's challenge was to use mooka.  I used to avoid that tangle but here lately I really enjoy playing with it.  Combined with aquafleur and few others, it has an underwater look.  Lots of fun with this one.

     Day 80

     The inchie word for this week (Every Inchie Monday) was lasso.  I searched everywhere for some smaller thread or yarn, but no luck.  Thanks to my brother for tying this for me.  No way would my fingers cooperate. 

     Day 81

     And so we arrive and what I did today.  Journal52's prompt for last week was "Just Write".  Not a problem for me as I love to write.  The piece I chose came from about 12 or so years ago.  I had had to take a writing class for school and this was one of my pieces.  The writing is small, but I had to get it to fit.  The piece itself has some need for work, but this is how it was for me then and it still holds a lot of emotion for me.  I wrote about the trip we took as a family to California and the time mom got so sick.  We nearly lost her then.  Being so far from home was a nightmare for all of us. 

     Back and forth to the computer.  I really feel quite poorly and hope for better tomorrow.  Have a great day and I promise the blog will not transmit germs! 


  1. You did some great work this week, despite not feeling well.
    I really love your inchie, it has such a western feel. I can almost feel the sand under my feet... (Of course that might just be because my son emptied his pockets which contained about half the sand from the sandbox... But you know what I mean... ;-)
    Hope you are feeling better!

  2. Nice tiles. I haven't done my inchie yet. I kind of felt like a couple of my tiles this week weren't quite resonating with me so I know what you mean. Maybe there was something in the air or we were feeling the effects of the eclipse. Hope you feel better.

  3. Nice artwork. Love the material you have used for your inchie.

  4. For not feeling great you sure produced a lot! Nice artwork even if the knot was a challenge best left to your brother.....


  5. So much work, I love it all. Glad your brother was there to tie the knot for you. The zias are awesome!

  6. Very nice tiles! I like the piece for Made by Joey with so great contrast.
    And your square one tile looks so great like flowers under water. Wonderful.
    Your inchie is nice too :-)

  7. Cathy, you created some very nice Zentangles this past week. I'm particularly fond of the background you painted for the Lasso inchie--reminiscent of Monument Valley, one of my favorite places on the planet. Have a brilliant day! c

  8. I really like your lasso with the painted background

  9. This is a very creative and beautiful Joey - I love it and your A is cool!! :)

    ~ Diane Clancy

  10. Fabulous artwork and a terrific inchie

    Love Chrissie xx

  11. Fabulous work for someone who doesn't feel well.

  12. Great work! I love how you did your inchie. Hope you feel better soon.

  13. Your work is lovely even if your weren't feeling well as you did it. I sure hope you are better :)


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