Friday, February 20, 2015

Day 51

     Crazy week for school!  Off Monday for a holiday, Tuesday for ice, Wednesday for actual snow - not much but it was white for a few moments, Thursday was a 2 hour delay because of temp.  I just knew Friday would be delayed also.  I "knew" so well, I left school computer and papers to grade at school.  Figured I would get them Friday.  Imagine my shock when Friday was cancelled altogether.  We are expecting a wintery mix some time this afternoon and they did not want to chance an early dismissal after doing a 2 hour delay.  Now I could whine and wish I had my school work - yeah, right.  I have a three day weekend and I can't do any school work!  Oh woe is me!  Don't worry about me though, I will find something to occupy my time.
     Day 51 - I finished up my challenge for Adele Bruno's string challenge.  We had to use the tangle patterns kozy and inaura.  Neither one were ones I had spent any time with.  They didn't seem to fit in the string we had to use so well - at least for me.  It will be interesting to see what others do.  I added a bit of color to "help" it out.  Not my favorite, but fun.
       Last post I mentioned my facebook friend that passed away, Millie Galliher.  Our group is doing tiles and pieces of art to honor her.  The admins are going to put all of these together and share with her family.  Her nickname was the "Mooka Maven" because she had worked with that tangle so much and done so many wonderful variations of it.  I decided to use some mooka in my tile for her.  I know I said it before but this loss has really shaken me.  I suppose one could say I didn't really know her, but how do we determine that?  I feel like I did.  I wish I had been actually around her.  But to those of you out there in blog-land I cherish your friendship.  It may appear fleeting or minor, but you are an important part of my life!  And don't you ever forget that!
    Thank you for dropping by and I wish for you a wonderfully blessed day! 


  1. Wonderful to have a three day weekend. Your tiles are nice. It is amazing how we get to "know" people through social media. I watch quite a bit of YouTube and there are certain people that I feel like I know. Much the same with the blog world. I find myself sometimes chatting away with people like they are right here with me. I, too, appreciate all the bloggers, vloggers and people who share of themselves.

  2. Actually you had a 9 day weekend :).


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