Friday, February 13, 2015

Days 41, 42, and 43

     Day 41 - For Diva's Challenge we needed to do something Valentin-ish.  She called it a "Valentangle" !  I love that word!  I had already decided to do a Valentine activity with my art club that afternoon so the timing was perfect.  They had to do two tiles and trace a heart pattern on each.  On one tile they tangled the heart and on the other they tangled the outside area.  I traced two tiles into my sketch book and worked on the example for the class.  The kiddos loved doing this and the results were great.  This was my example.  I limited myself to only tangles that they had learned so without that limit I might have tried some other tangles but all in all, I like it.

      Day 42 - I had to wait until during the week to get the Journal52 page done.  The prompt was "window" and I needed to have a stained glass window pattern.  So I finally found one I liked and then made a copy onto cardstock.  I could have tried drawing it, but honestly it was a rough week and just sitting and coloring one evening was very relaxing to me.  I used my metallic gel pens and I think the sparkle it gives makes it look sort of like glass.  I then took my chalks and added a stone wall around it.  Lots of fun with this one!

     Day 43 - Adele Bruno's String challenge was to use the tangles buttercup, inapod, puf, and pozer.  I used three of them.  I just could  not see a way that appealed to me to get inapod in there.  I did however discover I really loved those other three - which I wasn't so familiar with before.

     Today is day 44 and I haven't started to create anything yet.  I plan on checking out the facebook challenge and hopefully the journal prompt is up for the week - who knows?  All I know is I am out of school on winter break, sipping hot chocolate in the comfort of my jammies and so relaxed!  What a great day!  I even got to create some late morning "ZZZZZZ's" this morning!  Yahoo!  Bye, I have to go "play".


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