Friday, February 13, 2015

Java Me Up! Review

Java Me Up! Review

     Are you a coffee drinker?  A lot or a little?  Just recently I was asked to review some energy bars.  They are mocha almond flavored and very coffee.  The package states that each bar is the same as drinking a half a cup of coffee.
     First of all, I am not a "real" coffee drinker.  I love the smell of coffee.  It is a wonderful aroma.  A touch of coffee taste in my ice cream or a piece of candy is great.  But I can count the cups of java I have had over the last year on one hand (with fingers left over).  It always amazes me that the people at my work place that cannot survive until at least one - or more - cups of coffee.  However I do love granola bars and such, so I thought why not?
     My box had 12 bars in it.  It wasn't the most attractive package ever, but I wasn't eating the package!  Because coffee really affects me and keeps me awake, I had to carefully plan when I had my bar.  I also knew I could only have one at a time due to the fact that caffeine messes with my medications in excess.
      The first thing I noticed was that awesome aroma.  It smelled like I was brewing a pot of coffee.  I do indeed love that smell and it was strong.  One bite and I knew the aroma wasn't the only strong thing.  The coffee taste was super strong and just a touch bitter (not unlike black coffee at least to me).   I liked it, but I wouldn't say I loved it.  Too strong for me.  I finished the bar and went on to school.  The bar seemed to fill me up as well as my usual bar and didn't affect me any way that was noticeable. 
      My brother feels about coffee pretty much the same way I do.  But in the spirit of helpfulness he had one too.  The results were the same.  For several mornings in a row we each had one.  One thing he noticed  was that when he "came off" the energy bar he had some pretty severe headaches - just like he does when he had had any sort of caffeine drink for a while.
     My next step was to share these with 2 coworkers - both who are mega-coffee lovers.  One lady said she loved it and was ready to go buy a box.  The coffee flavor was perfectly strong (her words) and it was more convenient than traveling with a cup of java to work.  I think I made a sale. 
     The next friend to try this was more middle of the road.  She said the coffee flavor wasn't strong enough and she wished the almond was stronger also.  She liked them but not overwhelmingly.
     All in all?  I won't buy them again, but not because they were not delicious.  They just didn't appeal to me personally.  One friend said she was going to check them out to buy.  One was more neutral.  I think the bottom line is try them - particularly if coffee appeals to you.  They are definitely worth the try.   They are sold on  The link directly to the bars is above.

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