Saturday, February 21, 2015

Day 52

       Last night late the snow we got was soft and fluffy and absolutely perfect!  This morning it is icing so the snow is hard and crunchy.  Rough on Lakota's feet.  Not any fun to play in either.  But we enjoyed it a bit last night.
      I worked on my several projects today.  Some are not quite complete.  I will hang on to those to use this week for the 365 days of creating!  I know this week will be busy, so projects needing just a bit to finish might come in handy. 
      For Square One - Purely Tangles (a facebook group), we had to use the tangle "stircles".  I was okay with that tangle, but after combining it with nzeppel (which I love), I felt satisfied with the results.  Honestly, it probably won't get a LOT of use, but it was fun to try it out.

     Our Journal52 prompt was aromatherapy.  Really?!  I had absolutely no clue as to what to do.  So I went to google and googled images.  Sounds crazy huh?  But there were lots of them.  So I found one I liked and then pulled out my watercolors and gave it a try.  As you can see, I am not the world's best painter.  I see what I want in my mind, however it doesn't always happen on the paper.  Either way, it is done.

     I went ahead and worked on my inchie for Monday.  The weather is bad and I am on a creative roll.  Yahoo!  The prompt was "snail".  Mine is simple, but cute.
     Now . . .  what next?  I think I will play around in my sketch book for a while.  Or maybe go make some lunch.  Yep, that is a plan.  Thank you for dropping by and I hope your day is filled with blessings. 


  1. Beautiful watercolour! Yep, the snail is too cute :)

  2. I love the watercolor, I think you did an outstanding job on it, and I love that your snail is from the front, great work

  3. Nice tangling & I already commented on your J52 if I remember right....whilst your snail.....that's a very different view! They always seem to be side on so well done for coming up with a different perspective.


  4. love your blue snail. Intersting angle to draw him from the front - very original.

  5. Your inchie is really cute! Like the colours.
    The other drawings are also very nice :-)

  6. Nice snail! I really like the tile with Strircles and NZeppel!

  7. I am late this week. But better late than too late too late ;-)
    Love your snail inchie.


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