Monday, February 16, 2015

Day 46

    Day 46 - Where is my snow?  I know. I know.  Those of you who are being besocked by the white stuff think I am crazy.  But all I really want is one really pretty day of white fluffy fun.  That's all.  What did I get after all the promises - rain.  Dreary, sloppy rain.  Great day for crafting though.
    I cut a few things for my journal52 page, but that is probably tomorrow's task.  I also cut and made six birthday cards for teachers at school.  That was fun.  I make a huge mess when I cut so it about takes up my whole day if you count clean up.  It is fun though.
     Thanks for dropping by.  I must clean the table off if we are going to have supper.  One day I will have a dedicated craft room.  Then I can leave all my messes out and in progress!  See you tomorrow or the next day!

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