Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend Posts

Every Inchie Monday - "bike"

      Somewhere in all my crafting "stuff", I knew I had a stamp set with bicycle things on it.  Somewhere.  I searched for quite a bit before uncovering the perfect stamp set.  It had perfectly sized bicycles, some signs and some large one inch wheels.  I stamped some of everything all over the paper.  Then I used my water color pencils to color the background of several of the bikes, gel pens to color the bikes and glued on a sign piece.  I chose my favorite one and the "bike" inchie was complete.  I agree with someone else from last week, this one inch can be a real challenge.  Fun, but it really makes you think!

Monotangle - Phicops

     While I like this tangle, I have to admit I rarely use it.  For me, it doesn't seem to fit in the spaces of my tiles so well.  I did enjoy playing with it, but feel the tile itself is somewhat bland.  I fretted over what to add to "spice it up", but was unsure how to do that without taking the mono out of the tangle.   So finally, I just left it as is.

     I hope everyone is having a wonderful week.  I took some great pictures of my class's tangles but forgot to bring the camera home.  You will get to see them in my next post.  I cannot believe how great they did and do they ever love it!
     Thank you for dropping by and see you soon!  


  1. That's a very detailed bicycle. Sort of like a zentangle in itself.

  2. I like your Phicops tangle, it looks like an underwater plant to me.

  3. I love how much detail you got in this inchie. WOW great going

  4. I know that feeling, that Phicops does not fit in the spaces you have.
    But this monotangle you made a very beautiful!

    I love the patience within this kind of ART!


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