Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Few Relaxing Moments

      Diva's challenge this past Monday was to use a tangle created by one of my absolute favorite artists, LeeAnn.  Her work is beyond awesome.  This tangle, "Tuxedo", gave me a bit of a fit at first but once I found my rhythm it seemed to go smoother.  I did have a hard time deciding what string to use.   Finally I just "stretched" it across the page and added some other tangles underneath it.  I did it on an ATC sized card because I had one handy.
      Roy, at Mindful-Creations for the Monotangle Adventure, gave me a real challenge this week.  Monotangles, using only one tangle, is typically for me a very mindless, relaxing process.  The tangle "W2" is anything but.  I have to repeat "over under" all through the process and even then may mess up.  Simply put, I struggle.  I love the woven look and would love to use it more, but it is work for me.  I kept this tile very simple.  I figured that if I did it would work better.
     I thought you might enjoy a "smile" from my class this week.  At least it provided one for me.  Haylee (name changed) is one of my very best readers - reading well above grade level.  She came up to me, book in hand, and point to a couple of words.
    "What are these?"  she asked.
    I was sort of surprised she asked about such simple words, but I responded with the answer - "record player".
    She gave me an "I know that" look and said "Yes, but what is it?"
    Oh my, I tried to explain ancient technology and then wondered if I should creep off to find a rocking chair!  And for those of you who don't remember, I am not going to tell you - use your search engine and please don't let on to me you don't know.  My rocker is calling.
   Hope you have a wonderful week!  My week is going to be filled with test prep.  I will be glad when our state testing for my room is over.


  1. Wow, it folds in and out in patterning in a fabulous way! I love how the tuxedo floats above. Thank you for your kind words!

  2. Tell me about struggling with W2!!! I think your endresult is beautiful though.

  3. I like your Tuxedo! The whole tile is lovely.

  4. Your orbs really help the eye move through this lovely tile!

  5. Great work, I also spend the whole time saying under-over and trying to work out what goes where


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