Sunday, April 14, 2013

Time to Create

     I have to have a moment each day to create.  It is as necessary to my well being as breathing.  Or nearly.  I just don't feel as relaxed or calm if I don't grab one craft or another to work on for a few minutes.  This week it has been even more important to my mental health.  I have pushed and pulled and practically danced on the tables to get last minute information across to my class before testing starts this week.  It has been stressful.  This coming week will be stressful.  I will walk around the room, watching them bubble answers - some right ones (I hope a lot of right ones) and some way off the mark.  Inside I will be screaming, "NO, we covered that!  Come one! You know better!  Car is not a verb!"  Outside, I will nod encouragement and smile.  It is going to be a very long and tiring week.  I am going to need a lot of create-time.  A lot.
     Normally I end up doing school work one day out of my two week end days.  Not this week end.  I just chilled.  I could feel guilty about the things I needed to do.  I could, but I don't.  I enjoyed the "down" time.  I needed it.

Every Inchie Monday

     The word for our inchie challenge was "life".  Big subject - little space.  So I played with several ideas before deciding on a quote by Robert Frost.  Perhaps one I need to remember when life gets rather stressful - "it goes on".  
     Had a "duh" moment while working on this one.  I tried writing the quote on this little
tiny space while holding it with one finger on the table.  Then a light bulb went off (sort of a 40 watt stroke of brilliance) - "why not trace an inchie shape but not cut it out until I finished?"  I am sure the fantastic artists over at Every Inchie Monday (see sidebar for link) probably already know and do this. It never occured to my brain.  "Duh"

Dare #53

      It is hard to believe we have been treated to zendala templates for an entire year by Erin at the Bright Owl (see sidebar for link).  Her templates challenge, excite and baffle me at times.  But always they are fun!  I love this week's template.  It is full of possibilities.  
      I hope you are having a wonderful week.  Thank you for dropping by and hopefully leaving me some sunshine.  Keep my kiddos and their efforts in your thoughts this week!


  1. Beautiful zendala espacialy the middlepatern.

  2. I love your zendala!!! It's beautiful and I especially like the border.
    Keep calm this week and try to relax. The children will feel that. Maybe let them tangle before the test, that will calm them.

  3. Ooo wow! i so love your perfect linework in this zendala! Looks absolut balanced! great work!

  4. Glad you took your down time and that you truly value your creative time. You're right--it's as essential as breathing

    Your zendala is lovely, such a perfect balance of lines and rounded shapes.

  5. The centre of your zendala is beautiful, so is the rest, but the centre just draws the eyes back in.

  6. Superb inchie and a great choice of quote. Nice one.

  7. Beautiful work and a really great inchie--so true.

  8. A great inchie, and love the zendala.

  9. Like how this Zendala seems to emerge from the center. Great line work and shading.


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