Sunday, April 21, 2013

No title

    Okay that is a truly silly title for this blog.  But I can't think of a title.  Or rather, the ones I think of don't work.  I could put "It's Over"  referring to the bliss I feel that testing is now a thing of the past - well, at least until we see if we have retakes and such.  Since I am posting 3 things at once, it doesn't seem right to refer to just one.  So "No Title" works best.

Every Inchie Monday

     This inchie was fun.  The phrase we had to illustrate was "spring meadow".  I watercolored the back ground, let it dry and then used colored pencils to do the meadow.  Still thinking it needed more for the spring part, I used my souffle pens to add dots of flowers.  As I said, this was fun!

Monotangle - Onamoto

   When I first started tangling about 2 years ago, this was a tangle I used all the time.  It showed up on everything I did.  I was fascinated by those little round beads.  Then with learning other tangles and exploring them, onamoto sort of got pushed to the background.  It was kind of like visiting with an old friend to do this tile.  I expect it won't get "lost" again for a while.

Dare #54

     This reminds me of those little flower bouquets that women carried of long ago.  What was the name?   I can't remember, but anyway, it seemed to be heading in that direction and who was I to argue?

Just because

   The last tile is well, just because.  I finished it and decided to share it with the others.  Maybe it represents the weedy garden of testing, paper work and such for me right now.  Although I have to admit, I felt a wonderful joy at sitting down to plan today for a normal week.  Seriously.  It was like the beginning of the year - loads of fun.  One of the fun things we plan on doing this week is some tangling.  My kids have begged for time for us to do some more.  I will share them with you when we get finished. 

     Thank you for dropping by and I hope you have a very blessed week.  


  1. Love your Zendala! The woven element with the ribbons is so creative!

  2. Really enjoy the different versions of the onamoto.

  3. Glad you rediscovered Onamato, you are very good with that!
    I also like the woven zendala, it's really beautiful.
    Enjoy this week!

  4. I love your spring meadow. Very flowery!

  5. Great inchie, and love your Zentangles.

  6. I love your inchie . The flowers are very nice!!

  7. Love your entry for the Zendala Dare! The laced ribbons are awesome!

  8. I love your zendala! It reminds me of those small bouquets also. I think they're called posies or nosegays.

  9. love all of the designs you have a great eye for design

  10. A beautiful Spring Meadow inchie and I love your tangles.
    xxx Hazel.

  11. What a very interesting collection of art work. I really like your monotangles and your little inchie, and your last weedy tile was fascinating too.

  12. Love your inchie. The flowers are so nice.

  13. The inchie is beautiful and all the zentagles are amazing

    Chrissie x


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