Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday - finally!!

   What a disgustingly long week!  I cannot believe it took Friday so long to arrive.  I have felt about 3 steps beyond horrible this week.  I have coughed so hard I have bruised my insides.  Every morning I get up and play the "do I stay at home?" game inside my head.  I never won.  I went in every morning - foolishly I know.   So now that it is finally weekend, I am hoping for some much needed rest and hopefully healing.  This time of year there is so much to do in the classroom. (And what time of year isn't there?)  Besides, (and I know this sounds ridiculous), I have only 20 days left with a group of kids that I totally adore.  I love each and every one of them and hate to give them up.  So to lose a day with them breaks my heart.  In about 20 days, be prepared for a weepy post about saying my goodbyes - you've been warned.
     I promised I would show you some of our delightful art work - tangles, of course.  I had promised my group that after we finished the CRCT, we would do some art.  They requested tangling since we had done some last year and they loved it.  I was again totally blown away by how great a job they did.  I also was amazed by the quiet concentration that filled my classroom.  We tangled every afternoon for a week and here are some of our awesome results.
    Each child produced four tiles and we used this display for our county art fair.  I have lots of other photos, but I won't be the "bragging mama" anymore!

Challenge #116

     Diva challenged us this week to make our string (that's the pencil outline we use to get started) with our eyes closed - a "blind" string.  I love this.  I have even done several others.  I find it keeps me from doing the same string over and over or doing too much planning.  I wish I had taken a scan of the string - but you will just have to take my word for the fact I did do it with my eyes closed.

Dare #55

  Bright Owl's template was so pretty - it almost didn't need anything on it!  Seriously.  It was a beautiful template.  I grabbed some brown tones and went to work - of course making sure I used some of my favorite "go to" tangles!
     I would like to invite you to go over to a friend of mine's new blog.  My school secretary has been bitten by the blog bug.  She has started a site devoted to her love of vintage things, most specifically her journey into restoring a little camper.  I can't wait to see the end result because she has such a funky upbeat taste.  Drop by and leave her some sunshine!  Her blog is Just a Lil Freedom to Breathe,  I know she would love to have some visitors! 
     I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I think now that I have this written, I shall crawl off to bed where I can cough my head off!  Take care and thanks for your sunshine! 


  1. This is lovely! The color is perfect!

  2. Gosh, I can empathize with going into school whilst ill!!
    In my case it was because the Reliever would invariably leave the classroom in total disarray, and the kids up the wall!!It would be easier to drag myself in.All the best Relief teachers were usually taken during the Winter months.
    I can understand you wanting to go in because the time draws near to RETIRE.
    love your Zentangle work!Gorgeous.I am now drawing more, and slowly improving.Love those Diva challenges too!Love looking at the slide shows each week.

  3. Your kids did so very well tangling, give them a big compliment.
    Your tile and zendala are beatiful. Yes, I liked it a lot too, this blind string challenge.
    Look after yourself; I hope you will feel better soon.

  4. What a wonderful teacher you must be! Your students are very lucky. I love their Zentangles and the fact that you brought it into the classroom. Your blindstring sampler is beautiful and has such a nice assortment of tangles on it.

  5. The student's tangles are great. Kids seem to take to this very easily. Like your tile for the Diva Challenge. Lots of different tangles.


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