Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Afternoon

      The school work is all over the dining room table.  I have it neatly divided into stacks.  All set and ready to go.  Except I just can't get going.  So I thought I would get my challenges and dares posted and then - hopefully - have the energy to move on.  I have fought this nasty cough all week-end.  I do feel better, sort of.  Not very energetic though.  I wish we had a three day week-end.  It has rained a lot, maybe they will call school off simply because it is messy.  Yeah, right.

Every Inchie Monday

     This week's work is "turtle".  I thought about the ninja turtles, some yummy chocolate candy of the same name, but finally decided on just a plain shy little turtle.  Turtles are one of my favorite animals.  I have often thought about getting a turtle, but don't know if I want the hassle of such a specialized set up.  I already have a tree frog that takes a bit of time.

Monotangle #10 - Nzeppel

     Ages ago when I first saw this tangle, I persisted and put it in my notebook, then promptly forgot about it.  It was pretty, but too much trouble.  Then one of Diva's challenges or something made me have to bring it out and use it.  I fell in love with it.  Now it creeps in everywhere!  So I was super delighted when Roy's monotangle was to use nzeppel.  See the side bar for the link to Mindful Creations to view some other ideas on how to use this awesome tangle.
     I was very happy with how this one turned out.   Sort of like a water hose spraying flowers instead of water.  Then it was time for Bright Owl's dare. 

Dare #56

     It was a really good thing I was happy with the previous challenge, because this one did not hit well with me.  Bright Owl asked us to use the template and then "pretend" we had forgotten our pens and just use a pencil.  I really did not enjoy trying that.  Sorry.  I did it.  But the main reason I did not enjoy it was I found it was too easy to pick up the eraser when I got unhappy.  I much prefer having to live with my "mistakes".  I did the first one in pencil as requested.  Then since I always have a cheap red grading pen in my pocket, I did a second one. 
Dare #56 pencil
Dare #56 grading pen
     Well, I have taken as much time as I dare.  I guess I had better get rolling on grading and working on science fair projects.   I hope that tomorrow I feel more like going in than I do now.  I always hate the decision of going in or staying at home.  But with 3 days and 12 science fair projects to get done staying home doesn't look promising.  Maybe they will call it for yucky weather . . . .


  1. Yes, it was quite a challenge. I like your border on the first one.

  2. Both are lovely! I really didn't like using pencil at all!

  3. I LOVE your turtle! His shell is lovely.

  4. Both of them are lovely, and you don't have any smudging on yours. How did you manage that?

  5. Like your 'Nzeppel spurting out. Nice shading.

  6. I love the way your 'nzeppel' turned out. You are so good drawing this tangle.

    The Dare is also beautiful, especially the red one and it's background.

  7. I like both and the red is great, just as well when you forgot your pen you had the red on you. Isn't it funny how we have conditioned ourselves to look for something (the black and white in this case) and when it isn't there we wonder why not!

  8. Yes...I had to restrain from erasing as well, I like both of these but really love the red one!!! Also like your 'water hose spraying flowers tangle!! I haven't tried that tangle yet..may need to give it a go!!! .. (#26)

  9. I do like your turtle, it's a very imaginative design with the pattern on the shell. I like your tangles too, am going to investigate them more.

  10. Great Nzeppel tangle, works so well.

  11. The Inchie is amazing as is all of your work

    Chrissie x

  12. Love the inchie, great idea.

  13. I love turtles too. And I have the same reasons like you why I have no turtles. I love your inchie.


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