Thursday, May 23, 2013


  I suppose if last post was a trio, then it makes sense that this is a duet.  I am very busy with school things so I don't have a lot of time to post - or to visit other sites to comment like I want to.  I miss the inspiration.  This summer I hopefully will be able to stay caught up.  Here a couple of pieces to get me "sort of" caught up.
Bright Owl's Dare #58

    For Diva's challenge, we had to think about black and white - ebony and ivory.  The title comes from one of my favorite songs by Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney.  I wasn't really happy with this tile, but in the interest of time, here goes.
Diva's Challenge # 119
  I took a white tile and cut it into an irregular shape, then glued it onto a black tile.  I may have to revisit this challenge later on when paperwork is done.
     Hope you are having a wonderful day.  Thanks for dropping by and leaving me some sunshine.


  1. Hello Cathy!
    Your zendala is very beautiful and I like Your Diva's Challenge, too. Very nice :-)

  2. Your way of using the black and white in one tile, plus using white and black pen, I am very impressed! and I love your patterning!

  3. Like your bunzo center on your Zendala. Nice job on the Diva Challenge. Is hard when using the gel pens. You did a nice job. Have not gotten mine finished yet.

  4. Wow, your zendala is really outstanding!! Need not say that I LOVE it.
    Your Ebony and Ivory is also great.

  5. Both your tiles are lovely. The Zendala is beautiful.

  6. Your zendala with bunzo in the middle is really stunning! Love the curves and shine in bunzo matched with the straight lines of facets! Great border. And I like your idea of cutting the white tile in an irregular line then placing it over the black - and you've used strong bold lines to emphasize the contrasts! Nicely done on both of these!

  7. I'm fascinated by how, on your zendala, your use of shading makes the center just pop up. So beautifully done!


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