Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Trio

    I feel pretty good.  Now I know that is not a newsbreaking announcement, but considering the last three weeks "pretty good" is enormous to me.  I actually slept all night with no coughing fits.  Yahoo!  I still am coughing some, but the doctor said that may go on for another few weeks.  Either way, I did my happy dance (slow version) around the room this morning after a good night's sleep. 
   I didn't think I would get any challenges or anything posted - I just did not have the energy to draw.  But yesterday, I got busy and here are my entries for the EveryInchieMonday, Diva's challenge and Roy's monotangle adventure.  Check out the sidebar to go and see all the awesome entries.
Every Inchie Monday - Flowers
Monotangle Adventure - Fengle
Diva's Challenge #118 - Kuke Blossoms
     Well, now it is off to grade a massive stack of papers.  I haven't felt like that either so they stacked up.  Hope you all have a great week!  Thank you for dropping by!  As always, I love to read your comments - I plan on getting back into commenting more just as soon as school is out.


  1. YournKuke blossom is beautiful Cathy! And I think you did a great job with Fengle.

    Glad you feel a lot better..

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Kuke Blossoms!!!

  3. I love your inchie! The background is really nice and I love the pastel colours.

  4. Great inchie Cathy, love that Kuke blossom as well.

  5. Love your kuke variations, and especially the blossoms. Very, very nice!

  6. I like the way you have positioned the flowers with the leaves drawn, it's a nice composition.

  7. I love your inchie and the Kuke blossom is fabulous.
    xxx Hazel.

  8. love your work Cathy - great shading on your Fengle and your Kuke :)

  9. Beautiful inchie and your drawing is always amazing

    Love Chrissie x


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