Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 9

      It has been a tumultous day.  Well, more like the last 6 days have been.  I have been struggling with a decision over new medicine and have not felt the support and comfort I needed from my doctor.  I think I have finally found some comfort and reached a decision - shaky but a decision.  So I needed a few zen moments today.  I used my tiny bit of crafting time to finish up my owl template.  I really like him, but sort of feel like the beak disappeared too much.  If I ever decide to do him again, I will leave the beak empty of tangles.
      Thanks for dropping by and I hope your day is blessed!


  1. Maybe you could bring his beak back by filling it in with yellow (to match his eyes) But photocopy him and try it first so you don't wreck him..............just in case. He's too good to spoil.

  2. Beautiful! Hope you are still feeling good about your decision.


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