Saturday, June 7, 2014

Day 7

       I started this rhino template (Facebook - Ornation Creation) many weeks ago back when school was in progress.  I worked on it a little here and there during my art club time.  When I packed up to bring things home for summer, I almost left him at school, thinking I really wasn't too keen on it.  So when I found him peeking out of my book bag, I thought he might deserve a second glance.
       I finished the tangling and then used colored pencils to give him a nice gray look.  After that I cut him out and put laid him on some jungle scrapbooking paper I have.  He just didn't pop.  So I backed him in black and think that is a better look.  I love the look of rhino hide on the paper - makes him feel at home, I think!
      Thank you for dropping by and saying hello!  Have a blessed day!

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